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Keeping Matt Moore on the Chiefs just got a lot easier

We have a full discussion about which quarterbacks to keep on the latest edition of the Arrowhead Pride Laboratory.

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

We continued predicting the 53-man roster on the Wednesday edition of the AP Laboratory. While recent news of Damien Williams opting out and John Lovett being waived have changed some things since our predictions — some roster rules recently announced are making us re-think our decisions at quarterback as well.

I’ve maintained all offseason that the Chiefs could keep three quarterbacks on the active roster for additional insurance against COVID. But NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero is reporting another way the Chiefs can navigate their roster construction for 2020 and keep Moore around.

The practice squads are expanding to 16 — but interestingly, six of those players have no limit on accrued season. This means veterans of any length of playing career can be held on the practice squad (according to the new CBA, only two players would have no limit on accrued seasons).

The Chiefs could release Moore at the end of the offseason and immediately sign him to the practice squad. He can continue to be in the building and in the classroom — on hand for any situation that may arise with Patrick Mahomes or Chad Henne. Another note from Pelissero could assure that he stays in Kansas City without any team trying to nab him once he’s on the practice squad — Moore can be one of the four practice squad players that the Chiefs protect if they feel the need to take those measures.

It may not even come to the Chiefs needing to protect him, as Moore could merely opt to stay in Kansas City on the practice squad as insulation for the quarterback position in what will be a unique season — even if another team came calling. Moore won a ring as Mahomes’ backup last year and would surely want to chase it again with the team that gave him a chance last season. The Chiefs may feel comfortable leaving Moore unprotected on the practice squad knowing that he’s committed to helping the Chiefs while staying on the roster. Depending on the communication between Moore and the Chiefs and each party’s trust in each other — the team could be able to take advantage of this rule to have an additional veteran quarterback in the building.

An additional roster spot could be significant for the Chiefs if they are able to strategically arrange for Moore to spend the season on the practice squad until needed. There are going to be some number crunches — specifically on the offensive and defensive line. There are worthy players that could be at risk of being cut (especially at defensive end) if the Chiefs feel a need to insulate themselves with additional offensive lineman in a bizarre year. Not having to roster three quarterbacks while essentially rostering three quarterbacks would help solve some number problems.

What the Chiefs ultimately do with Moore will be a point to watch, and they now have a few more options.

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