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Kyle Brandt describes Patrick Mahomes as a ‘Teflon Football Jesus’

The “Good Morning Football” co-host joined us on the latest edition of the Arrowhead Pride Editor’s Show podcast

On Thursday’s Arrrowhead Pride Editor’s Show podcast, editor-in-chief Pete Sweeney and I talked about the latest Kansas City Chiefs news — and were also joined by Kyle Brandt of NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football,” who gave us an amazing take about the national perception of the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes.

“It’s a really rare thing — not only ‘these days’ but this year — in which there’s almost nothing but positivity and respect for the Kansas City Chiefs,” he told us. “There’s just none of that, ‘Everybody hates everything now — and everyone — and everything sucks and everyone’s the worst person of all time.’ And yet, ‘Yeah, Patrick Mahomes! He seems like a great guy! And Andy Reid! What a great story! The Chiefs! What a great franchise!’ There’s almost no disdain. It’s not tainted right now.

“Don’t get me wrong: it will. It will get there.” he assured us. “Keep winning, and everyone will hate you. But right now, it’s not just that Mahomes is a great player and throws no-look passes and stuff. It’s like he has this 100% approval rating as a human being. Everyone just raves about him.

“I’ve said this before: that he’s kind of the perfect superstar for this generation, in that he’s a little different. He looks a little different. He’s got different hair. He throws a little different. He sounds a little different. This is a guy who was raised in pro sports, who has a mixed-race background, who appeals to a million different people of different [demographics] and different backgrounds — and different ethnicities, even. And, you know, he signs 500 million bucks and he’s like, ‘Yeah, whatever. I’m, like, back in the gym.’

“He seems he’s like this ‘Teflon Football Jesus’ that can make every throw — and get every approval vote. It’s really incredible.”

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