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A very good story about Tyrann Mathieu and Clyde Edwards-Helaire

Their relationship dates back to Edwards-Helaire’s time at LSU.

NFL Combine - Day 3

Kansas City Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire joined 610 Sports Radio’s “Fescoe in the Morning” on Monday to discuss his first training camp as a pro.

The 5-foot-7 running back shares an alma mater in LSU with safety Tyrann Mathieu, and he revealed Monday that training camp wasn’t the first time they had ever met.

“It’s crazy because he’s actually a teammate now, but I remember Tyrann at LSU,” Edwards-Helaire said. “He was steady seeing all these things like, ‘Man you’re too small to play running back in the SEC,’ and I remember he came down to Baton Rouge and we talked, and his biggest thing was like, ‘Man, they said the same thing about me. I was up for the Heisman and everything else.”

Mathieu stands at 5 feet 9.

“Early on in my career, he lit a fire in me,” Edwards-Helaire said of Mathieu. “That was something that was never really talked about — that was something that we talked about in private, but the biggest thing was on my Twitter, it had a picture with us kind of faced up with each other in the hole, and he always would say, ‘Measure our heart. Measure our heart. Everything is not about size. It’s about the fight in the dog.’

“I took that and I kind of rolled with it, and everything has just fallen into place. I felt like it should have been from the first place, but everybody else didn’t feel that way. But ultimately, my family, the way that I thought about myself playing football — I always just felt like I was above the notch, and now I’m here.”

The Chiefs took Edwards-Helaire with the No. 32 overall pick — and with Damien Williams opting out, he has been getting consistent snaps with the first team. But he explained he has greater goals than simply becoming the starter.

“I like to knock things out in order,” Edwards Helaire said. “Having a crazy goal should always — in your mind — be attainable. Right now, at the bottom of the mirror, right now is rookie of the year. And I feel like that’s in my threshold, and I feel like I can get that and grasp that. The biggest thing for me now is understanding my role on the team, understanding the things I need to do as far as playbook, understanding getting confidence — not from Pat (Mahomes) and everybody else but just the organization. Everybody should feel like, ‘OK, this is the guy that we drafted from character-wise all the way down to his skill set on the field, the way that he plays the game. This is everything that we want.’”

Edwards-Helaire also talked about the nickname he likes and his relationships with Darren Sproles and Marshall Faulk. Listen to the full interview by clicking here.

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