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Andy Reid is “Tommy Bahama’s most important male model” the least surprising news of all time.

TMZ Sports dropped an article Wednesday morning calling Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid “Tommy Bahama’s most important male model.”

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Sound on for today’s big mood

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Reid has made a habit of wearing the brand to offseason league meetings throughout the years, and more recently, for both Chris Jones and Patrick Mahomes’ contract announcement Zoom press conferences.

During Mahomes’ virtual presser, Reid even referenced the shirt.

“I put on my best Tommy Bahama for all of you today just to celebrate this,” Reid said. “It’s a big day. It’s an awesome thing.”

TMZ spoke to Tommy Bahama CEO Doug Wood, who confirmed that sales at Arrowhead Stadium, Tommy Bahama stores and online have more than doubled over the past two years.

“We try to keep him as current as possible,” Wood told Forbes, “because whatever he’s wearing people want to buy... It’s really been an amazing thing for us. He just kind of took over as one of our spokespeople without us knowing he was the spokesperson.”

Tommy Bahama currently sends Reid six shirts a year, with no other deal in place, per TMZ.

It might be time for Reid to call his agent, doggoneit.

Looking good

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