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Patrick Mahomes: “I want to be a Chief for a long time”

The Chiefs quarterback met with the local KC media on a Zoom call on Friday morning.

The Kansas City Chiefs exercised their fifth-year option on Patrick Mahomes on Thursday in what NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport called “the biggest no-brainer imaginable.”

Chiefs fans are hoping it never comes to that. Now that Mahomes has completed his third year, he is eligible to negotiate a contract extension, and talks between general manager Brett Veach and the quarterback’s representation are ongoing.

Speaking to the local Kansas City media on a Zoom conference call on Friday morning, Mahomes reassured any fans who might have had doubts about his future based on Thursday’s news.

“I want to be a Chief for a long time,” said Mahomes. “I want to have a contract that says that and that I can go out there and know that I have the security and everything like that, but I understand and trust the Chiefs organization and everybody in it that they’re going to handle it the right way. I trust my representation that they’re going to ease my mind and let me go out there and play the game that I love playing, so for me, whenever that happens, it happens.”

Considering the accolades Mahomes has compiled — first MVP in the history of the franchise, the 2019 Super Bowl MVP and the quarterback of the first championship team in 50 years — in an unbelievably short period of two years as a starter, the deal is expected to shatter records. As it should.

Based upon other current quarterback contracts, Mahomes’ deal will likely be north of $40 million annually and $200 million total. And for what he brings to the table on and off the field, that could be considered a bargain.

In the meantime, Mahomes says that he is focused on being the best football player he can be every single day, and that includes getting to know his new teammates during a very unique offseason.

Whenever the Chiefs are able to resume in-person meetings and workouts, Mahomes will need to begin developing a rapport with the team’s top pick, LSU running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

Edwards-Helaire was hand-picked by Mahomes for the 2020 Chiefs offense.

“I think the first thing that stood out from Clyde is when the competition and the games got bigger, it seemed like he played better,” Mahomes said. “I always like guys that can rise to the competition, and whenever you’re on the biggest stage, you play your best football, and you rise up and compete with your team. So, that was the first thing that stood out to me as I watched the College Football Playoff and at the end of the college football season.

“The way he’s able to catch the ball out of the backfield but still be able to run rough between the tackles. You can tell he’s a high-character guy. He loves football. For me, [Veach] asked me, and obviously I wanted to add to the offense, obviously to help me out and to help our team out. So, Clyde was the first name that came to mind and I know we have a great running back room already, so I think just bringing him in, I know he’ll fit right in and he’ll compete. And we’ll be able to bring the best out of each other, ever single position group, and go out there and play our best football hopefully this next season.”

As Mahomes waits to get back to Kansas City, he is staying in shape by using workouts designed by his long-time girlfriend, Brittany, who he called an “at-home fitness guru,” Bobby Stroupe of TeamAPEC training in Tyler, Texas, and Chiefs strength and conditioning coach Barry Rubin.

He and head coach Andy Reid work on play design by using a program on his computer.

“It’s not Zoom, but it’s another type of virtual meeting program that we have — they’re able to share stuff and we’re able to go through just like in any other meeting,” added Mahomes. “They show us different plays, they send me stuff kind of on my own. Coach Reid is good about that, just keeps asking me about what I like and don’t like and everything like that, so it hasn’t stopped at all. I feel like we’re getting in the same amount of work that we would be if we were in the facility as far as those meetings go.

“We have a good staff with (Mike) Kafka and Coach (Eric) Bieniemy, with coach Reid, always being innovative. I know coach Reid is going to have more and more stuff as we keep going.”

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