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NFL Draft results 2020: Live blog, trades, updates, picks, and more

Follow along with live updates from the Arrowhead Pride Nerd Squad.

NFL: APR 27 2017 NFL Draft Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome into our Arrowhead Pride 2020 NFL Draft live blog. Click here for everything you need to know about how to watch the draft.

This article will host updates regarding Chiefs rumors, pick reactions, trade updates, hot takes and more, while also serving as an open thread for discussion in the comments. The Kansas City Chiefs are slated to pick at No. 32 overall, but night one could go in a lot of directions.

Stay tuned to Arrowhead Pride for the latest updates regarding Chiefs moves, and also make sure to listen to our Arrowhead Pride Laboratory podcast that’ll be posted shortly after night one of the draft.


[11:05 p.m.] Jeff Gladney off the board. THE CHIEFS ARE ON THE CLOCK! (Craig Stout)

[10:57 p.m.] Noah Igbinoginhe goes off the board to the Dolphins! A developmental cornerback goes off before the Chiefs pick. (Craig Stout)

[10:55 p.m.] Isaiah Wilson goes to the Titans. Another OT off the board late. Chiefs sitting pretty right now with a lot of options. (Craig Stout)

[10:50 p.m.] We’re getting close! Come hang out on the Arrowhead Pride YouTube channel where we’re going live to react to the Chiefs pick...or trade back. (Kent Swanson)

[10:39 p.m.] Trading back is looking very appetizing right now. I think at this point you hope tackles are available at 32 for a trade up. (Kent Swanson)

[10:38 p.m.] AND THERE GOES PATRICK QUEEN. Baltimore improves their linebacking corps and selects Queen at pick 28, four spots before the Chiefs. (Craig Stout)

[10:35 p.m.] Another surprise! Linebacker Jordyn Brooks goes before Patrick Queen to the Seattle Seahawks! (Craig Stout)

[10:31 p.m.] And Jeff Gladney, Kent. Don’t forget about my guy. (Craig Stout)

[10:29 p.m.] I’m not sure the board could be sitting much better for the Chiefs right now. Patrick Queen, Kristian Fulton, Xavier McKinney and Jaylon Johnson are all on the board. There’s a very good chance at least one of them is there at 32. (Kent Swanson)

[10:25 p.m.] It’s Jordan Love! Green Bay selects their heir apparent to Aaron Rodgers. (Craig Stout)

[10:23 p.m.] TRADE! Green Bay moves up to pick 26 and they’re on the clock! (Craig Stout)

[10:15 p.m.] They did! Brandon Aiyuk goes to San Francisco. That’s one of the teams that could have let a trade up in front of the Chiefs. Jordan Love still on the board. Do the Colts come up for him? (Craig Stout)

[10:15 p.m.] Keep that run on wide receivers going! (Kent Swanson)

[10:13 p.m.] TRADE! San Francisco jumps up and Minnesota falls back in the draft. Do they take a wideout here? (Craig Stout)

[10:07 p.m.] Another one bites the dust for the Chiefs. Cesar Ruiz is picked at 24 to the New Orleans Saints. The board still looks good for the Chiefs, but some crucial players coming off of it now. (Craig Stout)

[10:01 p.m.] And a linebacker comes off the board. Kenneth Murray goes to the Chargers, who traded back up into the first round. New England bows out of the first, Chargers get a new athletic linebacker. (Craig Stout)

[9:58 p.m.] Sure enough, Jefferson goes to Minnesota. They get a Diggs replacement late in the first round. (Craig Stout)

[9:49 p.m.] Philadelphia has their choice of Jalen Reagor and Justin Jefferson at wide receiver. They go Reagor. Does Minnesota go with Jefferson? (Craig Stout)

[9:44 p.m.] Still laughing at the Damon Arnette pick. (Kent Swanson)

[9:42 p.m.] Jacksonville gives themselves some EDGE depth and takes K’Lavon Chaisson. Yannick on the move? (Craig Stout)

[9:35 p.m.] THE FIRST MAJOR SURPRISE OF THE DRAFT! The Raiders take Damon Arnette, cornerback out of Ohio State. Lots of good cornerbacks were on the table and Mike Mayock reached a little deeper to select theirs. (Craig Stout)

[9:29 p.m.] 14 of our top 16 in the KC Draft Guide are off the board. Plenty of good players available. (Kent Swanson)

[9:29 p.m.] The team predicted to move all over the board hasn’t moved yet. The Dolphins use their second pick of the first round to give their new quarterback a tackle in Austin Jackson. (Craig Stout)

[9:20 p.m.] The Cowboys have CeeDee Lamb fall in their laps and can’t resist giving Dak Prescott another weapon. Lamb’s fall ends here. (Craig Stout)

[9:13 p.m.] The Falcons taking cornerback A.J. Terrell isn’t great for the Chiefs. Do we see a run start on the position? (Kent Swanson)

[9:05 p.m.] TRADE EVERYTHING FOR CEEDEE LAMB NOW. Jones, pick 32, the kitchen sink. All of it. (Matt Lane)

[9:01 p.m.] There’s the biggest surprise of the draft at pick 14. 49ers replenish their DL with Javon Kinlaw, using the pick the Colts traded for Deforest Bucker. (Craig Stout)

[8:54 p.m.] Very surprised we’ve still only seen one wide receiver off the board. (Kent Swanson)

[8:50 p.m.] Tristan Wirfs’ fall ends at pick 13 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom Brady gets an offensive lineman to keep him clean. (Craig Stout)

[8:46 p.m.] TRADE ALERT! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade up to pick 13! (Craig Stout)

[8:44 p.m.] The Oakland Raiders jump on the first wide receiver with Henry Ruggs going at pick 12. Thank goodness it wasn’t wide receiver in CeeDee Lamb. (Matt Lane)

[8:31 p.m.] Cleveland Browns come in with the Jedrick Wills pick to make him the second tackle off the board. After signing Jack Conklin, they must feel comfortable with Wills switching to left tackle immediately. (Matt Lane)

[8:22 p.m.] Nine picks and the run on tackles hasn’t started yet. (Craig Stout)

[8:17 p.m.] Arizona stays put to pick hybrid LB/S Isaiah Simmons. They have a hole at safety, where he could play on early downs, then kick down in the nickel and dime. (Craig Stout)

[8:14 p.m.] No trades yet. Some buzz teams might be afraid to move — holding true so far. (Kent Swanson)

[8:13 p.m.] Derrick Brown to Carolina, who doesn’t seem to care about his poor combine performance. Matt Rhule building his front. (Craig Stout)

[8:03 p.m.] A new quarterback joins the AFC West, as the Chargers take Justin Herbert. Cue the comments about how they’re going to win the division*.

*They won’t. (Craig Stout)

[7:54 p.m.] Dolphins made the right choice taking Tua here. Great move. (Kent Swanson)

[7:50 p.m.] Everything we heard for the Giants was about trusting Judge’s connections at Iowa or Alabama, and how Wirfs was the perfect Gettleman tackle. And then we get Andrew Thomas. (Matt Lane)

[7:49 p.m.] We’d heard rumors of Andrew Thomas being off the board first, and the New York Giants make it so. (Craig Stout)

[7:45 p.m.] Are the Giants trading back? (Kent Swanson)

[7:38 p.m.] Detroit Lions take the best cornerback in the class, selecting Jeff Okudah instead of trading out, like they were rumored. They land their Darius Slay replacement. (Craig Stout)

[7:30 p.m.] Washington Redskins don’t take the whole clock to make the pick, taking Chase Young out of Ohio State. And now the draft begins. (Craig Stout)

[7:25 p.m.] And the pick is in, Joe Burrow goes first overall to the Cincinnati Bengals, to the surprise of no-one. (Craig Stout)

[7:24 p.m.] On a night when we’re bound to have technical difficulties, why are the Bengals using so much time? (Kent Swanson)

[6:49 p.m.] Adam Schefter already reported Joe Burrow is the pick for Cincinnati. We all expect Chase Young to end up with Washington. The draft starts at No. 3 and it could be chaos. (Kent Swanson)

[6:43 p.m.] Merry Draftmas to you all! Let’s do this! (Kent Swanson)

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