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Patrick Mahomes reveals the three favorite plays of his career

The list included two plays from this year’s playoffs and one from 2018, Mahomes’ first year as a starter.

Trainer of NFL athletes furious that Fort Worth shut business down on short notice Rich Sugg/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes joined ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit on his Instagram Live feed Wednesday evening ahead of the NFL Draft.

Mahomes was asked to name the three favorite plays of his career:

1) The touchdown scramble against the Tennessee Titans in the 2019 AFC title game

MAHOMES: “I just liked that one because everyone thinks that I’m not fast. I didn’t really run fast. I got there, so I got to prove a lot of guys on the team wrong, including Tyreek Hill because he says I’m slow.”

2) Fourth-and-9 48-yard gain to Tyreek Hill vs. Baltimore in 2018

MAHOMES: “I kind of scrambled out to the right and I just chucked it across the field towards Tyreek, and he came back and made a play. We went on to go into over time and win that game. That was a special one to me.”

3) “Do we have time to run Wasp?”

MAHOMES: “Third-and-15 in a critical situation. I felt like that was the change of the momentum of [Super Bowl LIV]. There’s a lot of plays that really helped us win in the end down the stretch there. That was the momentum change in the game, and we got them on their heels and we were able to go down and score... that play in that situation —that was a huge play that I’ll forever remember.”

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