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Travis Kelce pokes fun at Patrick Mahomes’ one-on-one moves

The Super Bowl-winning tight end joined The Dan Patrick Show on YouTube on Monday morning.

It was a moment in which all Kansas City Chiefs fans held their breath — quarterback Patrick Mahomes scrambling for the goal line in the second quarter of the Super Bowl, only to be met with a heavy blow from San Francisco 49ers safety Jimmie Ward.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce recounted the story Monday morning on The Dan Patrick Show.

“I was like, ‘Jesus, Pat! What are we doing? It’s the second quarter. We’re trying to win this thing, man,’” Kelce told Dan Patrick. “I’ve never seen any football player more uncomfortable in a situation of having to make a one-on-one move on somebody than Patrick Mahomes in space.

“He can move and he did pull the hezzy out against the Titans on the long touchdown run. The Hezzy and then the slow spin into the end zone against the Titans. He pulled that out. You’ve got to respect him in that regard. But when he’s coming downhill and when he has a guy coming at him downhill. Man, it’s like an awkward, confusing, ‘Should I make a move? Should I jump? Should I slide?’ And then he tries to kind of slide at the end, and then just gets smoked.”

Patrick and the Danettes played an over-under game on how much Mahomes will make on his upcoming contract extension with the Chiefs.

“I think he’s going 50 a year,” joked Kelce, and Patrick broke out in laughter. “I think he’s going to make $50 million per year on the field — worth every penny of it.”

Kelce told Patrick that — like most Chiefs fans — he has watched the Super Bowl a few times. The tight end says he’s watched the replays so he could remember what he was feeling throughout the game.

“The excitement, getting through the adversity with the teammates,” he said. “Those are things that I feel like I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. And they certainly aren’t going away any time soon.”

Kelce talked his quarantine workout regiment, jersey swaps and The Lombardi Luge in his 11-minute interview with Patrick, which can be played above or by clicking here.

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