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Travis Kelce tells Seth Meyers about breaking his mom’s oven

The Chiefs tight end appeared on the late-night talk show, telling Meyers that he and his brother Jason once broke their mother’s oven during a fight.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce appeared on NBC-TV’s Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday night.

Looking natty in a sharp-looking pair of specs — and holding a glass that he said contained “ice, a lime... and tequila” — Kelce and Meyers talked about the Super Bowl, the subsequent parade in Kansas City (including the WWE belt Kelce wore), his 87 and Running Foundation and his recent donation of a STEM robotics lab to Operation Breakthrough.

Kelce recounted how he and his older brother Jason Kelce (the starting center of the Philadelphia Eagles) had an epic fight in high school.

“It was probably the last time we really got into a fist fight or anything like it,” said Kelce. “We were in the back yard — just playing basketball, like we usually do — and I started getting a little saucy. Started beating him a little bit. He wasn’t feeling that as an older brother. So he started getting a little more physical throughout the game. Of course, when you’re in the back yard, it’s ‘no blood, no foul.’

“So that whole competitive [mindset] went from there into the kitchen. [It started] with him punching me square in the face. Usually, when he punches me square in the face, I fall on the ground. This time, I didn’t really fall down. I just got more angry — and attacked him. We’re scuffling, we’re throwing each other around. Sure enough, I pick him up and body-slam him on the kitchen floor. The oven — which had my mother’s casserole in it at the time — breaks off the hinges and the casserole shatters in the oven.

“Yeah,” said Kelce, “my mom wasn’t too happy about that.”

They two had already discussed the jersey Kelce made for his mother when the Chiefs and Eagles played in 2017 — one that was a Chiefs Kelce jersey on the front and an Eagles Kelce jersey on the back.

“Well, look,” said Meyers, “she got a very nice shirt out of the deal.”

You can check out the whole interview on YouTube.

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