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It didn’t take long for Andy Reid to move on from Super Bowl win

Reid is already focused on his Chiefs winning their next title.

NFL Combine - Day 1 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

At some point, the day had to come.

With his Super Bowl LIV hat, jacket and shoes off to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid publicly turned the page on his team’s championship win Tuesday in Indianapolis.

“[The championship’s] sunk in, but you only have a short time to enjoy that, and you’ve got to move on,” said Reid. “And that’s where we’re at. So we took a little time off after the game, after the parade, and then we dove right back in and got busy, and we’re still doing that. That won’t stop throughout training camp.

“Maybe someday when we get a little older and we’re out of the game, you could sit back and go, ‘Hey, you know what? We did pretty good there.’ But right now, it’s buckling down and making sure we take care of business.”

Reid’s business in Indianapolis will consist of the evaluation of more than 300 college prospects. To assist in that, Reid has said that general manager Brett Veach keeps him in the loop throughout the year and then catches him up once the season is over.

This week, Veach himself has meetings set up so that he can speak with representatives for defensive tackle Chris Jones and wide receiver Sammy Watkins. But regardless of how those meetings go — and other decisions are made — Reid has already passed a key message along to his championship team.

“You’re never the same,” explained Reid. “Before the game, they knew that. Coming into it, I talked to them during the exit meeting as a team that that’s the case. We’re not going to be able to keep everybody here. And then there’s going to be sacrifices all over the place that you’ve got to deal with. And so that’s part of it. In particular, time becomes an issue, so you’ve got to put this to rest and then you move on. I think in all areas, it was a very unselfish football team, so I think they understand that. I think they like playing together.

“Some of the guys that you might be talking about have been other places and they realize that it’s a good situation. If you have a good relationship with your guys and you’re doing things fair, I think that becomes important.”

As for how things have changed for Reid in his day-to-day routine in Kansas City, he unsurprisingly said it hasn’t changed much at all.

“I stay in the office, so I’m kind of, I’m isolated a little bit that way. So there’s not much change there. I’m sure for the players — you talk to them — they’re out there, and they’re being recognized as the world champs.

“I have gotten a couple free meals. That was nice. But I’m not out there that much to where I’m affected by it too much.”

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