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Twitter reacts to outtake of Super Bowl team photo

The Chiefs released an outtake from the team photo session in Miami... and Twitter had a blast with it.

Divisional Round - Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

On Tuesday afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs tweeted a photo that got a lot of Internet reactions. We have learned that it was taken in Miami the day before the Super Bowl — presumably in the same session where the official Super Bowl team photo (which we have not yet seen) was taken.

Indeed... there is a lot going on in this photo.

And Twitter didn’t waste any time noticing the details. The photo’s most prominent feature definitely drew notice.

Some noticed resemblances to other famous poses.

It’s unclear how a 24-year-old pro quarterback knew about Burt Reynold’s centerfold for Cosmopolitan that was published 47 years ago — but just like a 60-yard pass, Mahomes nailed it anyway.

Among the public, reactions to Mahomes’ pose differed widely.

But based on their reactions in the photo, his teammates were all-in.

Many wondered where head coach Andy Reid was.

Maybe he was just late to the photo session.

Of course, there were conspiracy theories that needed to be considered.

But some of the clues to Reid’s potential whereabouts were more obvious.

You mean... like this?

It’s possible he was there all along.

Or as Occam’s Razor would suggest... the simplest explanation might be the most likely.

Reid wasn’t the only one who appeared to be missing.

This is precisely why Watkins is so successful in the postseason. Defenses just don’t look hard enough to find him.

Fair warning: “Ba-by Shark, doot doot do doot do doot” is about about be stuck in your head all day.

Some players already had their game faces on...

...or whatever face this is.

But after enough seasons, game faces are a little tougher to manage.

Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo drew some attention.

Spagnuolo might not be Captain Morgan... but you’ve got to respect a mature man who can rock the no-socks look. After all... on Twitter, there’s always room for constructive criticism of fashion statements.

The fact that numbers were sometimes represented twice — because practice squad players were being included in the group shot — threw some other people, too.

Some suspicious activity was noted.

There was additional evidence for HisDirkness’ belief, too.

But Internet jokesters aside, one reaction told the real story.

The photo clearly shows the team Andy Reid has always sought to have: a group of individuals who create a team identity that still allows their personalities to show — so they can still have fun playing a kid’s game.

The next day, they became world champions.

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