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Several Chiefs rally behind Eric Bieniemy’s message on Twitter

The Chiefs’ offensive coordinator: “The only two [letters] that matter in this industry is a W and a L”

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-AFC Champions-Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs offense has faced several different defensive looks this year, but within those different looks, there has been an underlying trend: opposing teams are refusing to allow Kansas City to beat them with the deep pass.

On Thursday, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy said quarterback Patrick Mahomes is “fine with that,” so long as the Chiefs win.

“If those guys are going to play in the back end and play deep, [Mahomes is] going to be the first one to tell you — ‘Hey, you know what? They’re not covering him,’” laughed Bieniemy. “‘Everybody’s playing deep, so I’m going to find the open man.’”

Bieniemy went on to describe the beauty of Mahomes’ mentality, which was picked up in a tweet by the team’s official Twitter account.

“Sometimes, professional sports have a tendency to think that it’s all about the numbers and the egos — and sometimes, I think people forget that we play a team game. This is what has made us special. Our guys are going to do whatever is needed to go out and win, because when it’s all said and done with — we talk about this each and every week. It’s not about the numbers; it’s about the alphabets. And the only two [letters] that matter in this industry is a W and a L. Whatever we have to do to get that W? That’s all what matters.

“And then, you know what? We’re going to come back, put a game plan together for the following week and we’re going to get it going and get ready to go. Yes, ideally, we want all of our players to have all the success that they can, but we do know this: if we can do this together and do it for one another and do it the right way, it will give us a chance to have a chance to go out and pursue the goals that we want to pursue.”

Once posted, several Chiefs, including Mahomes, quote-tweeted the message.

Have we said it enough? Or should we say it again? Let’s say it again.

How is this man not a head coach?

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