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Andy Reid Tuesday roundup: five takeaways from Miami

The Chiefs head coach discussed Philadelphia, Dee Ford and Jimmy G.

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid joined the media from the team’s hotel on Tuesday ahead of Super Bowl LIV coming up on Sunday. As you can watch in the above presser, many of the questions — from national and media from cities other than Kansas City and San Francisco — have little to do with the game.

With that in mind, I highlighted some of the more interesting things about this week below:

What does the Chiefs’ Miami practice look like?

“The unique thing about this group is that they don’t complain about anything, so they were ready to go right after the AFC championship game and kind of wanting to get back to work,” said Reid. “We had a normal week of practice last week knowing we had events like this we had to deal with this week and then we’re going to fine-tune it here — little tweaks that you’ll make down here but not drastic changes in the game plan.

“But I like the focus that they have. When they want to cut it loose and have fun with this, they cut it loose, but when they’re out at practice, they focus in.”

Reid was asked about Dee Ford — and whether Ford potentially knowing the offense could hurt the Chiefs in this game.

“Dee’s a good football player,” said Reid. “We drafted him in the first round out of Auburn, and he was very productive for us, and he’s done a nice job for them — not that they needed a lot of help on their defensive line.

The Chiefs traded Ford to the 49ers for a 2020 second-round pick prior to this season. The 49ers already had some talented players along their defensive line, including Nick Bosa and Arik Armstead.

“They’re really good, but he’s been a nice addition for them,” added Reid. “There are not a lot of pass rushers better than Dee in the National Football League. I don’t think it matters necessarily that he knows our offense or doesn’t know it. He’s in a difference scheme now, and I’m sure he probably didn’t care about all the stuff when he played against us in training camp. They have short memories of that, but I’m sure he’s studying hard to get back in the swing of it.”

Reid discussed quarterbacks coach Mike Kafka’s impact in the development of Patrick Mahomes.

Kafka was the Chiefs’ quality control coach in 2017, when Mahomes was drafted, and he was promoted to quarterbacks coach in 2018 when Matt Nagy left for the Bears’ head job.

“Mike’s done a nice job with him,” said Reid. “And Patrick’s been fortunate to be in a good room with good veteran players and then to have the opportunity to have Mike in there who played in the offense and the system all the way around. Timing and everything — he’s been great with that.”

Reid commented on the city of Philadelphia — where he used to coach — pulling for him in this Super Bowl.

At least a portion of Philadelphia Eagles were critical of Reid on his way out of the organization back in 2012.

“I love my time at Philadelphia, as my family did,” said Reid. “We have great memories of Philadelphia and it’s almost a badge of honor that you — you get booed there — so I understand how that works. If you could withstand the pressure of Philadelphia, then you become a Philadelphian and so I take a lot of pride in that.

“My guys — the football players and coaches — my heart went out to them just for the great job in which they did, and their support, which they gave me throughout my 14 years there. (Eagles owner) Jeff Lurie and his family were tremendous to me, so I appreciate everything. (Eagles GM) Howie Roseman — still there — likewise.”

Reid was questioned about all the different run looks the 49ers show.

“[Kyle Shanahan] does a great job of that — with a blend,” Reid said, before diverting the conversation. “And then I wouldn’t slight Jimmy (Garoppolo) because Jimmy can throw the ball when needed. You look at Jimmy’s percentages and passer rating over the last couple years here, it’s up there — in really every situation. And so as well as they run the football and as well they make you honor every gap and every zone on the field, you can’t slight the pass game either. And so Spags (Steve Spagnuolo) and our defense are working hard on that and spend a lot of time to make it right.”

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