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10 of the best Chiefs quotes from the week before the week before

Rounding up some of the top Kansas City quotes of the week.

NFL: JAN 19 AFC Championship - Titans at Chiefs Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs held press conferences this week — many of which we posted here at Arrowhead Pride.

Here were 10 of the best quotes (in no particular ranking or order) from the AFC champions this week:

QB Patrick Mahomes on when it will hit him that he is going to the Super Bowl

“I think when I get on the plane and it’s snowing, and I get off the plane and I’m sweating, I’ll know I’m there.”

TE Travis Kelce on his “Fight for Your Right to Party” line after the AFC Title win

“Man, it was a blast. It was a blast. It was a feeling I had never felt before. And then in term of trying to steal the mic, I wasn’t trying to steal the mic. I just didn’t want (Jim) Nantz to take it away before I hit the punchline, right? So it was just a little bit of excitement. Not so much a tug of war — just making sure I got everything out that I needed.”

How long has he been sitting on the Beastie Boys reference?

“It was planned all day. A lot of people think I just came up with that on the spot, but we play that son after every time we score a touchdown. And we scored quite a few these past two weeks.”

WR Tyreek Hill on opposing teams doubling both him and Kelce

“What’s crazy is we prepare every week trying to defeat double teams. Coach Reid always tells us, even if you’re doubled, you’re still alive in this offense. It’s a certain way to attack it when you’re running routes and you have two people on you. That’s just preparing.”

How are you keeping it chill before the game in eight days?

“Oh, I just go home and I play Madden, man. I play my own Super Bowl. I play the Chiefs vs. the 49ers and I just get my thing going. Of course, I’m throwing myself the ball. (Who won?) The Chiefs every time — it’s on rookie (mode) though, I play on rookie, so don’t judge me — don’t nobody judge me. I play on rookie, man.”

WR Sammy Watkins on discussing a new role with Brett Veach when he came to Kansas City in 2018

“I think I approached that coming here, knowing that it’s already superstars here. And it’s Pat’s team, it’s Tyreek Hill. Not to say I’m not a part of it, but it’s Travis Kelce. And I’m just a guy that’s trying to add on and win a championship. That was my whole mindset and my whole motive of coming here. It still is on any team I go on. When you win, the numbers don’t matter. And since I been here, we’ve been winning and having fun doing it.”

Offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy on all his Super Bowl LIV ticket requests

“I have a wife who has been through this for a number of years. She knows how to say, ‘No.’ I have a mom who does an outstanding job of saying, ‘No,’ or ‘Hell no.’ So... it’s been pretty easy, and I’ll just say this — it’s a unique experience to go through. There are a number of people who would love to be a part of this, and I would love to take everybody with us, but one thing I have to let everyone know — you know what? We do have to work. While you guys go down to Miami, it’s our job to go out there and make sure that we’re managing and doing all the little things that are necessary for us to be victorious.”

Chiefs DT Chris Jones (calf) on whether he thinks he’ll play the full game next week

“1,000%. I just truly believe in Rick (Burkholder) and his staff — how they have been handling this. They’re some the best in the business. He’s been in the business a long time, and whatever Rick tells me to do, I try to do it to my best ability. I completely trust those guys to make sure they have me ready before a game.”

CB Kendall Fuller on missing five games during the regular season

“I definitely feel better (now) but it was definitely tough. Just because I think what made it tougher this year is what happened last year. Having the surgery last year, coming back and playing, then breaking the screws in the AFC Championship Game. I think that trust level just wasn’t there when I first got back. Whether you’re just pressing a guy you don’t really want to use the thumb. Just when you’re tackling you don’t want to get wrapped up with the right hand and stuff like that. I think last year, having what I went through last year kind of affected me this year. The more I’ve been able to get out there this year and make some plays, make some tackles, you get comfortable right after that.”

When did you feel it kind of clicked in that you were back?

“I had a tackle in Chicago and just little plays you just kind of notice and I kind of wrapped up with my right hand. I think that made me a little more comfortable. It was other tackles I had where I would just bring my right shoulder but I couldn’t bring my whole arm and things like that. Just little things. It could’ve been a couple plays in practice where I actually jam with my right hand. Naturally my mind is doing it in my head, but it takes a while for the body to do it. I think that Chicago game helped me.”

P Dustin Colquitt on what Chiefs history means to him

“Probably a beloved family pulling roots out of Dallas, Texas, and finding a place on a map that says there’s good people there and I think we can build an NFL team in that city. Decades and decades later watching from above, his son, holding the AFC Championship Trophy with his name on it.”

DE Frank Clark on how hungry he is to play in the Super Bowl

“I’m very hungry. I can’t even explain it. I’ve never been there and so it’s a place I’ve never been. I’m willing to go to a place I’ve never been to get something that I’ve never had. I hope that explains it.”

Head coach Andy Reid on whether he has gotten over his Super Bowl loss in 2004, unlike one of his former players — Eagles DT Corey Simon

”The crazy part about this business is that you remember all of those. You remember all of the losses. Sometimes, they’ll overlap some of the wins. You do. You learn to get over it and you move on. Corey is done playing now, but I’m still going and still doing it. I’m in the business here, he’s doing other things that are good. It’s different. Every loss should hurt because you should be exhausting yourself to get ready for that game. It should be that way with a regular season game. This is an emotional sport and an exhausting sport in that way. You put your heart into it. If you do it right, you should feel it. It should last, to a point.”

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