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The best fits for the Chiefs at this week’s Senior Bowl

As Senior Bowl Week gets underway in Mobile, let’s look at the players Chiefs scouts are likely to be watching.

Reese’s Senior Bowl
Defensive tackle Khalen Saunders of Western Illinios — later to become a member of the Chiefs — during last year’s Reese’s Senior Bowl
Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are Super Bowl-bound. Players and coaches for both teams are 100% locked in, attending practices and studying film.

But the teams’ scouts are on another mission.

They are in Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl: a week of weigh-ins, interviews and practices — and of course, the game on Saturday.

Right now, draft talk might seem premature. But the time has arrived for all NFL scouting departments — including those for teams which are still playing — to start focusing on the 2020 draft.

So let’s take a quick preliminary look at the Senior Bowl players who might be the best fits for the Chiefs next season. As you keep an eye on this week’s activities in Mobile, be sure to pay particular attention to these players.


Anthony Gordon #18 (North)

  • Washington State, 6-feet-3, 210 pounds
  • Gordon has a lightning-fast release that helps him play on schedule in a spread system, getting the ball to the right spot quickly. But Gordon doesn’t end as part of that system; both inside and outside the pocket, he’s shown creativity in his footwork and release point.
  • Projected draft range: Day 3

Running back

Antonio Gibson #14 (South)

  • Memphis, 6-feet, 220 pounds
  • This dynamic athlete — who has played both as a wide receiver and a running back — has good straight-line speed and the initial explosion to get all the angles. His best use will be as a receiver out of the backfield — both in the flats and vertically. In limited usage later in the year, he showed solid vision as a runner.
  • Projected range: Top 150

Wide receiver

Quartney Davis #1 (North)

  • Texas A&M, 6-feet-1, 199 pounds
  • Davis is a good blend of size and athleticism — which gives him the versatility to win short, deep, inside and off the line of scrimmage. His route running, yards after catch, and versatility should make him very appealing to the Chiefs as a potential X-receiver.
  • Projected range: Top 75

Tight end

Brycen Hopkins (North)

  • Purdue, 6-feet-3, 241 pounds
  • In this class. Hopkins is one of the top-end move tight end prospects, displaying quick feet, field-stretching speed and an ability to go up and high-point the ball in traffic. He’s not the most stout inline blocker — but in space, he has no issues dominating on stalk blocks. With a pretty solid frame, he has potential to grow .
  • Projected range: Top 75

Offensive Tackle

Alex Taylor #73 (South)

  • South Carolina State, six-feet-8, 308 pounds
  • A basketball player converted to the offensive line, Taylor often shows up on film just exactly as you would expect; his ability to move in space (or in the pocket) is natural and rare. He understands how to use his length, playing with strong hands that make him an enticing developmental tackle.
  • Projected range: Day 3

Interior offensive line

Nick Harris #56 (North)

  • Washington, 6-feet-1, 293 pounds
  • Harris may lack a little length. But his understanding of angles, leverage and nuanced hand usage make him an ideal zone-heavy center. In this center class, his ability to connect on reach blocks, turn defensive linemen back inside or climb to the second level while working laterally is second to none.
  • Projected range: Top 75

Defensive tackle

DaVon Hamilton #53 (North)

  • Ohio State, 6-feet-3, 327 pounds
  • Hamilton is big defensive tackle who has a good understanding when to drop his hips and anchor — and when to unleash and work the pocket as a pass rusher. He has a surprisingly quick first step. Whether head-up or hedging, he has the ability to consistently get into a gap and reset the line of scrimmage. He would fit right in to the Chiefs’ rotation.
  • Projected range: Top 150

Edge Rusher

Jonathan Greenard #48 (South)

  • Florida, 6-feet-3, 262 pounds
  • Greenard shows an explosive first step, lateral agility and bend — and the ability to transfer power through his hips into his hands. He has a good array of pass rush moves to keep his chest clean — and if he learns to consistently roll his power into his punch, he could improve his upside as a pass rusher.
  • Projected range: Top 100


Francis Bernard #13 (North)

  • Utah, 6-feet-4, 230 pounds
  • Benard has good size and thickness. He absolutely plays behind his pads — but also pairs that with very good explosiveness and straight-line speed. Despite being a little linear — and being a bigger linebacker than is typical in today’s NFL — Bernard routinely makes plays in the passing game. He has proven to be a plus-coverage linebacker.
  • Projected range: Day 3


Jeremy Chinn #2 (North)

  • Southern Illinois, 6-feet-3, 219 pounds
  • Coming from a small school, Chinn’s athleticism jumps out immediately; he doesn’t belong on the field with everyone else. His size, length and athleticism are on another level, and allowing him to play man coverage — he has experience at cornerback — and lurk in deep zones a ball-hawking player.
  • Projected range: Day 3


Reggie Robinson #9 (South)

  • Tulsa, 6-feet-1, 196 pounds
  • Robinson is a patient, physical press corner with long arms that make it difficult to beat him over his head. That physicality carries over to the run game. He’s more than willling to fill an alley and make the one-on-one tackles.
  • Projected range: Day 3

In last spring’s NFL draft, the Chiefs selected two players they had seen at the Senior Bowl last January: defensive tackle Khalen Saunders and safety Juan Thornhill. So even if you aren’t really big on the draft process, it’s worth monitoring what happens in Mobile. You’ll get an advance look at many players who will be playing in the NFL for years to come — some of them for the Chiefs.

That’s why Arrowhead Pride film analysts Craig Stout and Kent Swanson will be among the few Chiefs media representatives who will have their Nikes on the ground in Mobile this week — watching practices and gathering information by talking to players and scouts. Be sure to follow Craig (@barleyhop) and Kent (@kent_swanson) on Twitter to keep up with the latest updates — and watch for their Senior Bowl updates here on Arrowhead Pride.

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