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Andy Reid: “I got so excited I thought Mozart was an artist”

Andy Reid joined the media for a conference call following the Chiefs’ 34-30 win over the Detroit Lions.

Kansas City Chiefs v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was rather animated in the locker room after Kansas City’s 34-30 win on Sunday. If you missed it, catch the video here:

As you can see, Reid and the Chiefs were more excited than usual, and yes, the line from Reid that has been making its way around the NFL is sensational.

“Not all of Mozart’s paintings were perfect, huh? That was beautiful, man. The end result though—that sucker’s going to sell for a million dollars.”

Reid spoke about that post-game enthusiasm on a conference call with the local Kansas City media on Monday.

“I got so excited I thought Mozart was an artist,” he laughed. “It was pretty exciting. You don’t want to turn the ball over. You want to capitalize on turnovers, which we talked about and at least we were able to get half of that done and capitalize on turnovers. But, the best part about it... the guys never doubted one another or themselves for whatever case it might be with a turnover. They picked the guys up that had the turnovers and we were able to rally around it. The defense made some stops. The offense made some plays. It worked out OK. There was a good feeling on the sideline, there was an emotional feeling that we were all in and going to take care of business. That’s reassuring for a head coach.”

Reid has made a habit over the years of making sure his players appreciate every single victory no matter the opponent. The Lions were home underdogs against Kansas City yet played them extremely tough, and the Chiefs still came out with the win despite fumbling the ball away on three occasions.

“I respect the game, I respect that team,” said Reid of Detroit. “I feel like [the Lions] are well coached, and they have great players and they’re doing something special up there and they’re working on that. We came in and had some things not go our direction which happens in this league, that’s the human element in this game. To persevere and to keep fighting I think becomes important and it’s emotional. That’s I guess where I was coming from. There’s time here where we can correct the mistakes.

“I always come into this saying the guys are the best in the world at what they do, and that’s the whole NFL. It’s a small fraternity of players and coaches. They want to do great, but it’s not always going to be great. That’s just human nature, the way things work and the way the ball bounces. So, for them to continue to fight, not everybody does that. That’s important and our guys did that.”

Other items of note from Reid:

  • Reid explained why RB Darrel Williams received time over RB LeSean McCoy toward the end of Sunday’s game: “We have confidence in all those guys. If one guy gets a little tired, we can rotate the other guy in. Obviously, Darrel is a little more familiar with the protections, just having done them all for the time that he has, and they’re different from what LeSean had done in Philly. He’s getting caught up in that area so that’s part of it. Most of it comes down to trying to keep the guys in a rotation and keep them fresh, that’s what we really try to do.”
  • Reid had no news on CB Mo Claiborne, who returns to the club from suspension this week: “I’ll meet with Spags (Steve Spagnuolo) on that. I haven’t gotten to that point yet. We’re still going back through yesterday’s game and working on that with the defense. When I get a minute, I’ll talk to him about it. He’s been working and doing a good job. I’ll have to talk to him and see where he thinks he’s at with that.”

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