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Patrick Mahomes against the Jaguars: something smart and something special

We continue our discussion on the Chiefs quarterback’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by John Capella/Sports Imagery/Getty Images

This is part two of a weekly film analysis on the performance of Patrick Mahomes. Find something good and something bad against the Jaguars here.

Something smart

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is at it again with his exceptional play design with some help from his franchise quarterback.

The Chiefs found success again with a condensed formation. This is a six-man protection off play-action with Travis Kelce staying in and giving the look of split zone by crossing in the backfield as if he’s cutting off the backside of the run play.

The Chiefs bring the action to the field side with Kelce staying in but moving and Mecole Hardman running across the field vertically. Sammy Watkins runs a drag route and collides with Myles Jack (No. 44) as he crosses. Damien Williams runs to the flat which pulls Lerentee McCray (No. 55) with him. Cornerback Jalen Ramsey follows Hardman. Once Watkins clears Jack, he wheels up the sideline with no one in sight.

Mahomes makes this play happen with some subtle adjustments and good eye manipulation. Out of the play action, he starts drifting to his left and his eyes go with him. After colliding with Watkins, Jack and the middle-field safety begin drifting with Mahomes. To the defense, the action looks like it’s working to the field.

Mahomes then lofts a beautiful ball down the sideline to a wide open Watkins who goes all the way in for a touchdown. Well designed, well executed, with the assist to Mahomes to help create additional space.

Something special

Mahomes delivers an absolute strike as he’s getting hit.

The Chiefs are empty with Watkins lining up where they typically put their tight end. Instead, it’s Watkins on the line of scrimmage as the No. 3 pass catcher lined up to the field. The Jaguars are playing a static Cover 3, dropping to a spot rather than dropping to a man like you’ll see with match coverage. I don’t suggest you do with the Chiefs, but it may just be one of their empty checks.

Watkins runs a dig behind the underneath defenders and in front of the safety. The protection isn’t great. Mahomes is forced to step up with pressure to his back side and as he steps up, rookie Josh Allen comes unblocked on a stunt. Mahomes knows he’s going to get hit but still manages to get the ball off moving up in the pocket and taking a free shot.

The ball is perfectly placed over the underneath defenders and in stride. An absolutely beautiful throw that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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