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Andy Reid talks about his day with Patrick Mahomes and Brett Favre

The Hall of Fame quarterback was in town to do a Peter King interview with Mahomes and Reid

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes got to spend some quality time with one of his heroes this week. Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre was in Kansas City on Monday — along with Mahomes and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid — to be interviewed by sportswriter Peter King.

Mahomes has often spoken of his admiration for Favre — most recently on Tuesday when he was interviewed by Forbes magazine about The MVP Experience, a virtual reality project that will be available at Arrowhead Stadium this fall.

“Just to see him scrambling around the field and finding ways to make impossible throws, I always wanted to see what did the window look like when he made that throw and how did he make it,” Mahomes said of Favre in the Forbes interview. ”I feel like that was something that inspired me to get out there and try to make these throws and do all these different arm angles.”

Reid has a longstanding relationship with Favre that dates back to the beginning of Favre’s time with the Green Bay Packers. Reid was an assistant coach under Mike Holmgren from 1992 through 1998 — and was Favre’s position coach in the two seasons before he became head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999. On Thursday, Reid said he didn’t believe Mahomes had ever met the former Packers superstar, and Reid was glad they had the opportunity to get to know each other.

”It was an opportunity for him to meet Patrick [Mahomes] and talk with him,” Reid explained. “They could share experiences with each other.

”There are not a lot of people [who] walk in those shoes that you have an opportunity to talk to as an NFL quarterback,” he added. “So it gave [Mahomes] an opportunity to talk to a guy that’s already been through it and had success at it. How you handle all those things — those levels of success that you have. It’s also good for him to see that Brett’s a guy. He’s a good person. Still has fun. All those things. Humble guy. I think all that’s good.”

Reid said the three of them had fun in King’s interview — but then it was time for serious business with Favre.

“I had an opportunity to shoot the breeze with him a little bit. Got him some Q39 — you know, ‘Welcome to Kansas City’ — and we went from there. It was all good. It was nice to see him.”

Reid said that Favre, 49, still looks great. “He’s in great shape. Looks like he could still play.”

And then Reid paused. “Let’s start that rumor.”

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