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Arrowhead Stadium seats are finally on sale

Only about 2,500 of the 30,000 seats removed from the stadium’s upper deck were in condition for resale — but Chiefs fans can buy them now!

San Diego Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/TNS via Getty Images

On Friday morning, seats removed from Arrowhead Stadium during its recent renovation finally went on sale. Through Saturday, they will be available exclusively to Kansas City Chiefs fans who are residents of Jackson County, Missouri. Seats will be available to the general public beginning at 6 a.m. Arrowhead Time on Sunday, August 18.

About 30,000 seats were removed from the upper deck earlier this year. Jackson County stored the seats, hoping to find a vendor that could refurbish them and offer them for sale. In mid-June, the county approved a proposal from Schneider Industries Inc. of St. Louis and S&S Seating Inc. of Indiana to salvage, restore and sell the seats.

Although we were told back in June that the vendor would be providing a venue where the seats could be purchased and picked up locally, they are being offered for sale only through They will be shipped directly to buyers.

Prices range from $277 for a single seat without a “logo end” to $509 for a pair of seats with a “logo end.” Prices include shipping, and purchasers should expect delivery to take up to eight weeks.

According to the vendor, only about 2,500 seats will be available. The rest of the seats taken from the stadium were too damaged during their removal and storage to be salvaged. The vendor expects them to sell out quickly.

The vendor says it cannot guarantee that a seat came from a particular section or row in the stadium. But while supplies last, purchasers will be able to specify seat numbers for an additional $20 per seat.

If you’re interested in purchasing seats, you probably have many more questions. Schneider and S&S have provided a full FAQ with all the details.

As we told you in June, a portion of the proceeds from each sale will go back to Jackson County. The county has said it plans to use the money to improve handicapped access to its parks.

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