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Patrick Mahomes grants a fan’s wish during his Jimmy Kimmel appearance on Monday

A Burbank pizza driver now has Mahomes’ autograph on his lower back to complement his Mahomes tattoo

Relaxed, charming and affable as always, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes appeared to ABC-TV’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night (watch the appearance in the player above or by clicking here).

He told Kimmel he had been lucky enough to miss the two earthquakes that have shaken southern California in recent days, having just flown in on Monday morning from a middle school friend’s bachelor party.

“We went to Nashville,” Mahomes explained. “I had the cowboy hat on. I was just kind of walking down the street, and no one was even noticing me. It was pretty sweet.”

Kimmel asked if his childhood friends now had to behave themselves around a big NFL star.

“They’re supposed to,” he grinned. “But it doesn’t happen all the time.”

Kimmel also wanted to know if Mahomes was expected to pay for everything when he’s around his old friends.

“I do sometimes,” he said. “But they always get real mad if I do. They’re cool like that. They don’t want to seem like they’re trying to use me now that I’m in the NFL. They want to try to treat me exactly the same as they did when we were in middle school together.”

Kimmel asked if his buddy’s wedding would take place during the football season. Mahomes said that it would be in August — and the Chiefs would come first.

“I told him I’ll be in the middle of training camp,” Mahomes replied. “He was like, ‘Yeah, but you have off days.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, but I’m not going to fly to Texas on my off day to go to a wedding.’ So I won’t get to make it, but I was glad I got to go to the bachelor party.”

The two also talked about how Mahomes had played multiple sports as a youngster. Viewers were treated to a clip shown during last season’s telecast of the Chiefs victory over the Cincinnati Bengals — where an eight-year-old Mahomes chucked a basketball from past half court.

Nothing but net.

Mahomes said that his shot — during a basketball camp where he was playing with older kids — was right at the buzzer. But he didn’t realize that three-point shots weren’t being counted.

“I thought when I hit it that I had won the game because we were down two points, but we actually went to overtime after that.”

“You got cheated out of the points!” exclaimed Kimmel.

“That’s what I said,” responded Mahomes.

“Who won the game in overtime?” Kimmel inquired.

“They did, of course,” Mahomes said with a grin. “We had already celebrated. It was all over after that.”

Then they turned to the business at hand: Mahomes’ appearance at the ESPY Awards, which will be broadcast on ABC-TV Wednesday night. Mahomes is nominated for the “Best NFL Player” and “Best Male Athlete” ESPY awards. Kimmel wanted to know who would be going to the ceremony with him.

“I’ve got my girlfriend who’s with me right now — somewhere backstage — and my mom is coming with me, too. When I was back in college, she said that if I ever get to go there, she wanted to be my date.”

“Is there an athlete she wants to meet at the ESPYS?” asked Kimmel.

“Yeah. She’s meeting me,” laughed Mahomes.

But a Chiefs fan in the audience stole the show. Former Raytown resident David Leach — a Burbank pizza delivery driver who has lived in southern California the last 11 years — first received local media attention last year, when he got a large full-color “champ stamp” tattoo of Mahomes on his lower back. A die-hard Chiefs fan, Leach had made a bet with his hometown friends that the Chiefs wouldn’t ever draft a franchise quarterback. He agreed to get the tattoo when Mahomes was drafted in 2017 and made good on the bet this past December.

Leach had hoped to get Mahomes’ autograph on the tattoo before returning to Los Angeles last winter — and his friends have apparently made numerous efforts through social media in order to obtain it — but on Monday night, he was in the first row of Kimmel’s audience, where he could make his plea directly to Mahomes.

Leach had the permanent marker for the autograph right there in his pocket.

Mahomes was shown signing Leach’s back coming out of a commercial break. “This is going to be the saddest thing ever if you don’t win a Super Bowl,” Kimmel told Mahomes.

“Hopefully we can win a couple of them,” said the reigning NFL MVP.

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