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Cell video obtained by TMZ shows former Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt talking to police

The Chiefs released Hunt back in November of 2018.

There had been rumblings on Twitter Monday morning that former Kansas City Chiefs and current Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt had been in some kind of altercation in Cleveland over the weekend; now video of Hunt talking to police has emerged, via TMZ Sports.

TMZ: Here’s what we know so far ... the Cleveland Browns running back went to the Barley House party spot on Saturday night with a bunch of friends and stayed late into the evening.

Right after he left, SOMETHING happened -- and several cops went over to speak with the 23-year-old. He wasn’t arrested. Wasn’t detained. He left without incident.

The Cleveland police told that “no police report, body camera video or other documentation exists related to any incident involving Hunt.” It is also important to emphasize Hunt was not arrested.

Former ESPN writer Will Burge reported sources close to Hunt said he was “rough housing” with a friend and it was taken out of context and blown out of proportion.

The Chiefs released Hunt in November of 2018 after TMZ Sports posted a video from a February incident that showed him pushing and kicking a woman. The Chiefs said they released Hunt because he was untruthful to them.

Former Chiefs and current Browns general manager John Dorsey signed Hunt to Cleveland’s roster three months later, and the NFL suspended him for the first eight games of the upcoming season.

Hunt was back on the practice field in mid-May for offseason workouts, and he was asked about the conversation he had with Dorsey about lying to Chiefs personnel, which led to his release.

“I know I’m not going to mess this up again,” Hunt said. “The Chiefs—I didn’t really lie. I just told them what I knew at the time and when the video came out, it was like me seeing it too for the first time, again. It was so long ago—they felt like I lied, so it’s all right.”

A reporter asked Hunt if he disagreed with the idea that he lied.

“I didn’t tell them everything,” he explained, “so I really take it—I kind of did (lie).”

The Browns told Pro Football Talk they are “aware of the incident” and “spoken to Hunt about it.”

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