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Yahoo! Sports’ Terez Paylor shares Tyreek Hill thoughts on 610 Sports Radio

Paylor weighed in on Hill’s meeting with the league, which is set to take place on Wednesday.

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Friend-of-the-site Terez Paylor of Yahoo! Sports confirmed 810 Sports Radio’s original report early Monday afternoon that Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill would meet with the NFL this week. Paylor—always reliable and in the know—then joined 610 Sports Radio’s Fescoe in the Morning on Tuesday to discuss what he learned.

(Note: It is well worth the full 12-minute listen below, or if you can’t see the player, by clicking on the above link.)

Paylor was first asked about his expectations for the meeting, which is scheduled for Wednesday.

“I think it’s important to remember that Tyreek has already given his defense through the letter,” Taylor explained, referencing Hill’s letter to the NFL we highlighted back in early May here. “The letter came out and I think it was the first time people saw Tyreek’s side, so the league is going to come here and Tyreek can have his legal representation with him—a couple investigators. They’re going to come in, and they’re going to basically go over a lot of stuff that comes out.

“My understanding is they’ll just be checking the veracity of his story. I think it’s obviously an important week for Tyreek. It’s an important week for the Chiefs. I think if this goes well, if they believe his story, if he has corroborating evidence and that type of thing, I think you could potentially see the league make a ruling on this sooner rather than later and Tyreek to be ready for the start of camp.”

Paylor was asked whether the fact that Hill’s criminal case is no longer active matters in the severity of punishment for Hill.

“The NFL can do what it wants as far as it relates to punishing Tyreek, but if there were criminal charges, it would be a lot harder to avoid a massive suspension for Tyreek Hill,” Paylor said. “If they [suspend Hill], it would probably be to appease [fans]. First of all, an ugly story has come out on draft day—it’s not a great thing to have. That’s not ideal on a day when the NFL is trying to sell new hope in 32 markets. So yeah, maybe he does get suspended for four games or whatever. If they believe his story and he has the evidence and it’s rock solid, it could be difficult to give him even that. The NFL can do what it wants, guys. We’re just going to have to see what they do. But no matter what, this is a big week for Tyreek, and the more ironclad his story is, the better chance he has of getting a small suspension or none. You just have to see.”

Finally, Paylor provided his opinion on how the situation plays out.

“I do think there is optimism that he can get out of this with a small suspension or none,” Paylor said. “As a reporter, I have to be cynical and this story—the audio, even in context, wasn’t a great look, so I think the league is going to do something just to appease [fans]. [Roger] Goodell’s done that, the NFL’s done that. People want to see headlines that Tyreek Hill’s been suspended by the NFL, so my guess a two-to-four-game suspension. NFLPA [could be] like, ‘Yeah, no. There’s evidence—that’s bogus.’ And then it gets knocked down.

“Like you said, that’s just a guess and B, the NFL can do what it wants. So we’re just going to have to see. The Chiefs have covered themselves by drafting Mecole Hardman. There’s definitely optimism that Tyreek Hill’s going to be a Chief in 2019 and be ready by camp if this week goes well.”

As I said Friday in my 53-man roster projection, my expectation is that the league suspends Hill between two and six games, citing improper conduct.

As Paylor noted several times, the league has free rein to do whatever it wants, making how this situation plays out virtually anyone’s guess.

The timeline of events

• March 15: Report: Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill involved in investigation for alleged battery

• March 26: Andy Reid says he has not personally spoken to Hill

• April 18: Report: Tyreek Hill temporarily lost custody of 3-year-old son

• April 18: Report: Letter shows NFL sought information on Tyreek Hill

• April 25: No criminal charges will be filed against Tyreek Hill or Crystal Espinal; Chiefs, Tyreek Hill issue statements

• April 26: Tyreek Hill’s criminal case reopened after release of new audio

• April 26: Chiefs general manager Brett Veach issues statement regarding Tyreek Hill

• April 27: Clark Hunt holds media availability but remains mum on next steps for Tyreek Hill

• May 1: Report: NFL not expected to take action on Tyreek Hill “in the very near future”

• May 2: Report: Tyreek Hill’s lawyer denies child abuse claims in letter to NFL

• May 4: Andy Reid issues non-statement on Tyreek Hill situation

• May 22: Roger Goodell speaks on Tyreek Hill matter during league meeting

• June 7: Johnson County DA says Tyreek Hill’s criminal case ‘no longer active’

• June 7: NFL Network: No minicamp for Tyreek Hill, but training camp likely

• June 8: Johnson County D.A.’s comments have ‘no impact’ on Tyreek Hill’s NFL future

• June 13: Chiefs head coach Andy Reid offers no new comment on Tyreek Hill’s status

• June 24: Reports: Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill to meet with NFL representatives Wednesday

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