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Former Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt takes field for Browns, talks to media

Wednesday marked Hunt’s first chat with the media since joining his new team.

In what was an odd sight to see, former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt was back on the field Wednesday—at offseason workouts for the Cleveland Browns.

The Chiefs released Hunt, 23, back in late November, and the Browns signed him three months later. He is suspended for the first eight games of the upcoming season.

Wednesday marked his first time speaking to the media since the signing.

Among the other questions you might expect, Hunt was asked about the conversation he had with former Chiefs and now-Browns general manager John Dorsey about lying to Chiefs personnel, which led to his release.

“I know I’m not going to mess this up again,” Hunt said. “The Chiefs—I didn’t really lie. I just told them what I knew at the time and when the video came out, it was like me seeing it too for the first time, again. It was so long ago—they felt like I lied, so it’s all right.”

A reporter asked Hunt if he disagreed with the idea that he lied.

“I didn’t tell them everything,” he explained, “so I really take it—I kind of did (lie).”

The Chiefs drafted Hunt in 2017, and he remained on the team until TMZ Sports released a video of him from a February incident that showed him pushing and kicking a woman.

The Chiefs said they released Hunt because he was untruthful regarding the incident.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid last spoke about Hunt at the NFL’s Scouting Combine in late February.

“Most important, I mentioned this to our media at the time, I care about Kareem,” Reid said. “Just that his life is in order, that is the important thing. He has worked hard at that. John (Dorsey) doesn’t miss all that. He understands how all that works, and he is sensitive to all of it. I think Kareem is in good hands and I think he is going to do a great job when he gets around to having that opportunity to play again, he will have both areas taken care of.

“We know he can play. It is just a matter of that other part. I know he and John have got that worked out. I’m comfortable with that. That’s what I am most happy about.”

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