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Chiefs post video documenting Derrick Johnson’s one-day contract

The franchise’s leading tackler signed a one-day deal with the team to retire as a Kansas City Chief.

For the second Friday in a row, the Kansas City Chiefs posted a six-and-a-half-minute video documenting a one-day contract with the club. Last week, it was Jamaal Charles. This week it’s Derrick Johnson. Johnson was at the Chiefs’ facility on Wednesday.

“I’m very fortunate to be drafted to the Chiefs in 2005,” Johnson says in the video. “Dick Vermeil—he actually told me, ‘We don’t have a high enough pick to pick you up.’ I was thinking the same thing but little did I know how it works in the draft, and at 15, I was there, waiting for Kansas City to pick me.”

The Chiefs selected Johnson, and he played with the franchise for 13 years. The video shows Chiefs head coach Andy Reid signing Johnson to the one-day deal.

“For the Chiefs to roll out the red carpet for me, it was pretty special,” Johnson said. “It just reminds me of what I’ve done here. It means a lot for me to come back, to sign a one-day contract, to retire as a Chief. Playing in this league for 14 years has been an honor. It’s one of those things where you can look back and be proud of what you did.”

Reid escorted Johnson to the practice field, where he greeted the coaching staff, GM Brett Veach and new defensive end Frank Clark.

After practice, Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo brought Johnson to the middle of the huddle.

“Let me just say this: this is Derrick Johnson, you guys know played here for a long time,” Spagnuolo told the group. “First-round draft pick—15th pick. Four Pro Bowls, Right?”

“Two All-Pro seasons,” Johnson said.

“I’m going to get all of it,” Spagnuolo said, as the players laughed. “Two All-Pros, right? 14 interceptions. Leading tackler for the Chiefs. 1,151 tackles.”

Then it was Johnson’s turn to speak to the team.

“I wasn’t expecting to speak, but being here for 13 years—man, this is a great opportunity for y’all to do something big,” he said. “Big time. It’s a good time to be a Chief—I’ll tell you that right now. It’s a good time to be a Chief. And there’s a lot of new energy out here, especially with having a new defensive coordinator, so y’all go get them, man. Make sure y’all take advantage of your opportunities, especially during this time, during the offseason. Make sure you work on something when you get out on the field. That’s how you get better. Look at film, get your corrective criticism or whatnot, come on the field and work on something. Have something to work on every time you get out on the field—one thing to work on—that’s how you get better. It goes fast, man. It goes fast, so take advantage, man.”

The Chiefs then let Johnson break down one, final huddle. Now retired, Johnson ends the video by saying he is shifting his life’s focus to his children, though he has expressed an interest in coaching in the past.

Something tells me he will be back.

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