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Travis Kelce talks Jamaal Charles, the new-look defense and Tyreek Hill on Pro Football Talk

This was the Chiefs tight end’s first interview since the Hill news broke.

SiriusXM At Super Bowl LIII Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce joined Mike Florio on the Pro Football Talk PM podcast on Wednesday afternoon. Florio’s 10-minute interview with Kelce begins around the 15-minute mark.

Florio asked Kelce about what he will remember the most about running back Jamaal Charles, who retired as a Chief on Wednesday. Charles was Kelce’s teammate from 2013-16.

“Just how great of a teammate he was,” Kelce said of Charles. “He never tried to make somebody feel uncomfortable. He was always easygoing, he made sure that everyone knew he was working, but at the same time, we could have fun while we’re doing it. Sure enough, his game speaks for itself, how exciting he was on the field every single game—game in, game out—whether it was running the ball or catching the ball out of the backfield. He’s going to go down as one of the legends of Kansas City. That’s for sure.”

Florio noted that the Chiefs lost Justin Houston, Dee Ford and Eric Berry on defense this offseason.

The Chiefs released Houston, who found a home with the Indianapolis Colts, traded Ford to the San Francisco 49ers and also released Berry, who is still a free agent.

“Well, it hurts in the locker room, because one, those guys were such great leaders for us and then great people outside the locker room in the community,” Kelce said. “But the biggest thing in the office is making sure that when there’s change, I feel like there needs to be a certain culture that presents itself and that’s the biggest thing that the defense has—it’s got new leaders.”

One of those leaders is safety Tyrann Mathieu, who Kelce also discussed.

“I mean, [he’s] just an exciting guy,” Kelce said of Mathieu. “He’s one of those guys where when he walks in the locker room, you can feel the electricity of the energy he brings every single day and the type of life that he wants to live. It’s cool to be around a guy that loves life as much as he does, appreciates it as much as he does and wants to feed the world the way he does. He’s unbelievable in the community and back home where he’s from and sure enough, I expect everything that he’s done in the past to be true and come right into Kansas City.”

The Chiefs players have not been made available media since much of the information surrounding wide receiver Tyreek Hill came to light, so a day after Mathieu commented on the situation, Florio wanted to know Kelce’s thoughts.

“I just have no comment on it,” Kelce explained. “It’s definitely an unfortunate situation to even be in, and obviously from an outsider’s perspective you just wish the best for everyone and hope that it turns out OK. At this point, I’m just not gonna comment on it.”

Florio then asked Kelce is he and his Chiefs teammates sense that Hill might never be back.

“I think it’s still up in the air,” Kelce said. “I don’t know—nobody knows exactly what’s going on.”

Florio also questioned Kelce about whether he believes he’s the best tight end the league, his friendship with Patrick Mahomes and the NFL’s overtimes rules. Check out the full podcast by using the player above or by clicking here.

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