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Patrick Mahomes shares Tom Brady’s post-AFC title message, launches foundation on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

The Chiefs quarterback visited The Tonight Show on Monday night.

In case you needed another reminder of just how big a star Patrick Mahomes has become over the last 365 days or so, the Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback visited Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Monday night.

Among other things, Fallon asked the reigning MVP if having to sit as the backup his first season in Kansas City frustrated him (watch the clip above or find it by clicking here).

“The first season, I don’t want to say it was frustrating,” Mahomes said. “As a competitor, you want to play. I was blessed to be put in a great situation where I had Alex Smith in front of me—the greatest dude, the greatest teammate, one of the greatest leaders I’ve ever met, and he was someone—he taught me a ton. He taught me a lot and it showed off this last season where I was able to jump in there, take off wherever he left it off and I had a lot of teammates that made me look really, really well.”

Fallon later brought up the AFC title loss and how New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sought out Mahomes after the game in the locker room. It was a moment Mahomes had already discussed before, but he shed more light on their discussion on Monday night.

“During all the excitement—they won the game and we were just walking off the field after that heartbreaking loss at home. I didn’t talk to him after the game, and so when I was in the locker room about to walk out, actually, he came in. He got the security to let him in and he said, ‘Man, you had a heck of a season.’ He knows what it’s like to win a lot of big games; he knows what it’s like to lose some big games—not many, but a few. He just said, ‘You have to keep grinding.’ He loved the way that I played. It was awesome for him to do that and show that class at such an exciting moment.”

During the final part of the interview, Fallon encouraged Mahomes to tell the viewing audience about his new foundation, which he officially announced.

“I’m lucky enough to have a platform to start a great foundation called 15 and the Mahomies,” he said. “It’s a foundation that is designed all around kids—kids from underserved communities that don’t get the same opportunities that I had when I was young or kids that are in the hospital that have chronic illnesses or have suffered major injuries. Those kids are the ones that train harder than me by 100 times every single day, and I want to make sure I can give back to them in any shape, in any way in order to get them the resources that they need to have an amazing life.”

Fallon closed by telling Mahomes they loved him and encouraged him to come back to the show any time he is in town (The Tonight Show is filmed in New York City).

If last year is any indication, I would anticipate a couple of repeat trips in Mahomes’ future.

15 and the Mahomies

15 and the Mahomies is dedicated to improving the lives of children. The Foundation will support initiatives that focus on health, wellness, communities in need of resources and other charitable causes. Visit for more information and the foundation on Twitter by clicking here.

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