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It’s a good thing the Chiefs aren’t starting OTAs today

It’s easy to forget that how long it’s been since the Chiefs had one of the bad-team perks

Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs are not starting OTAs today.

Repeat... the Chiefs are NOT starting OTAs today.

Since it’s April Fools Day, someone might try to pull your leg and tell you that the Chiefs are getting the band together again inside the practice facility at One Arrowhead Drive.

Or maybe they’re just confused, because OTAs are beginning on Monday for the Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Denver Broncos will start on Tuesday, and the Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, Green Bay Packers and New York Jets will start on Monday, April 8.

Why do these eight teams get to start before the rest of the league starts their OTAs?

Because all of them have new head coaches.

Just like in the NFL draft — where the worst team gets to pick before everyone else — the NFL tries to level the playing field for the teams that are in trouble. And when your team has a new head coach, the odds are pretty good that your team is in trouble.

These eight teams — which include the two worst teams in the NFL last season — combined for a record of 44-82-2. They could certainly use the help.

So it’s actually a good thing the Chiefs aren’t starting OTAs yet.

It’s been a while since the Chiefs have had this particular benefit available to them. It was in 2013, when Andy Reid arrived in Kansas City. Since then, the Chiefs went from having the worst record in the league to making the playoff five times out of six, winning the AFC West in three consecutive seasons, coming within a play of making the Super Bowl just a handful of weeks ago, and acquiring the first franchise quarterback the team has actually drafted since... well... ever.

See how much that extra week of preparation can help?

But here’s the key takeaway from all this: The Chiefs begin OTAs a week from Monday.

Can’t wait!

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