What will happen to Justin Houston?

On the porous Chiefs defense, there was a duo that combined for 22 sacks last season and nearly 50 over the past three. One half, Dee Ford, already has the franchise tag on him while the other, Justin Houston, has one of the biggest albatross contracts on the team. But, both maybe be shown the door before the first snap this season.

For most of the offseason, it seems that everyone agrees hat something has to be done about the Houston contract. Get it off the books somehow, as there could be $14 million in savings. I would not mind saving that kind of money.

Yet, Houston is still a valuable player in Kansas City. I would not be mad if he spends another season on the Chiefs, or maybe if he reels in some draft capital.

So, that is why the random reports of Houston already being out irk me.

Granted, for every tweet that says Houston is gone, there are more saying the decision is not made. So, what do you think is going to happen? Is Houston gone or is all this talk just that?

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