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There were rumblings about Chiefs trading Tyreek Hill, per Jay Glazer

The Athletic’s Jay Glazer dropped somewhat of a Glaze-bomb in his latest mailbag posted Thursday morning.

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Arizona Cardinals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

When The Athletic’s Jay Glazer writes about something NFL-related, it is worth taking it seriously. Glazer was the first to report any inkling about the New York Giants potentially trading Odell Beckham Jr. when many regarded it as impossible. As we know now, Beckham Jr. eventually was traded to the Cleveland Browns.

That is why this quote regarding Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill in his latest mailbag deserves some attention. Glazer speculated that Hill’s “name was being thrown about in trade talks” at the start of free agency.

Here is the full excerpt:

Any updates on the Tyreek Hill situation? — Anthony S.

I don’t think the league will jump to do something very quickly. It will take them time because of the severity and sensitivity of the matter.

On a separate note, even if none of this happened, there were questions in Kansas City about whether they could re-sign Tyreek Hill. I heard some rumblings at the start of free agency that his name was being thrown about in trade talks, but at the time thought it had to do with his contract more than anything else. I think this one will take a little while to play out.

Reports in early March said that the Chiefs were working on a “record-setting” deal for Hill, which would have presumably made him the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL. Those talks may have been tabled once The Kansas City Star reported about Hill’s involvement in an investigation for alleged battery.

Another point we haven’t identified is if Glazer’s note means the Chiefs were shopping Hill or other teams were asking about him. And if they were shopping him, for what reason? What could have they received in return?

As our own Matt Stagner points out, it is a good reminder that there is only one untouchable player on the Chiefs, and that’s Patrick Mahomes.

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