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Mahomes Madness: Voting continues with the Sweet 16

Sweet 16 voting for the Jorts and Did you Know He Played Baseball? regions is now officially open!

We are using the month of March at Arrowhead Pride to identify Patrick Mahomes’ best 2018 play by way of a 32-play tournament called Mahomes Madness. You voted on round one here: left side | right side

Sweet 16 voting begins today—Monday, March 18—and you have until Friday, March 22, at Midnight Arrowhead Time to vote.

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Let’s get to it...

The updated bracket

We begin the second round with the JORTS and DID YOU KNOW HE PLAYED BASEBALL? regions. Watch the plays again in the above YouTube video (if you can’t see it, click here), then vote on which play you’d like to see advance in Mahomes Madness.

(Note: If you can’t see the polls, try clicking here. Our voting mechanism works best on desktop devices.)

Jorts region

1 vs. 4: “4th and 9” vs. “At the Last Moment”

  • The favorite to win this region was a do-or-die fourth down to help the Chiefs come back and beat the Ravens.
  • “At The Last Moment” happened in a primetime game against the Chargers at home. Patrick Mahomes patiently scrambled to his right with his team in the red zone, and as he was running out of real estate on the sideline finds Demarcus Robinson working toward him in the end zone.


Which play was better?

This poll is closed

  • 88%
    1. "4th and 9"
    (623 votes)
  • 11%
    4. "At the Last Moment"
    (78 votes)
701 votes total Vote Now

2 vs. 3: “How did that get there?” vs. “Sidearm to Ware”

  • With anticipation, Mahomes threw a ball sidearm around lineman Andrew Wylie, beyond the outstretched hands of defensive rookie of the year Darius Leonard and into the hands of Travis Kelce.
  • Mahomes’ follow-up to his no-look pass (more on that later) was an excellent sidearm throw down the sideline to Spencer Ware with a little over a minute left in the second quarter. The Chiefs would finish the drive with a critical score that helped them come back to win.


Which play was better?

This poll is closed

  • 59%
    2. "How did that get there?"
    (407 votes)
  • 40%
    3. "Sidearm to Ware"
    (276 votes)
683 votes total Vote Now

Did You Know He Played Baseball? region

1 vs. 4: “The Scramble” vs. “3rd and 2 to Watkins”

  • Mahomes’ first touchdown in Arrowhead Stadium was quite the reward for a fan base starved for a franchise quarterback. He rolled left, rolled right and found Chris Conley in a tight window in the back of the end zone. It’s art.
  • Rolling to his left, with a guy at his ankle in the AFC championship game, Mahomes hit Sammy Watkins for a big conversion in the second quarter. It was an excellent play in the biggest game of the season.


Which play was better?

This poll is closed

  • 84%
    1. "The Scramble"
    (570 votes)
  • 15%
    4. "3rd and 2 to Watkins"
    (106 votes)
676 votes total Vote Now

2 vs. 6: “No Look” vs. “Sidearm Slant”

  • How did the no-look pass not get a one seed? Mahomes’ season was THAT good. This play broke the internet and could ultimately breakthrough to the final four.
  • Late in the third quarter of the AFC championship game, Mahomes delivered an athletic, sidearm throw like he was a second baseman turning a double play around a defender on a third-and-2.


Which play was better?

This poll is closed

  • 86%
    2. "No Look"
    (586 votes)
  • 13%
    6. "Sidearm Slant"
    (93 votes)
679 votes total Vote Now

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