My "Not Hot, Not Warm, But Just Right" Take on (Internal) Free Agency for Chiefs this year

This past season was a great one. That is the skinny of it.

While the Chiefs once had the prospect of a top ten draft pick to look forward to at the end of the year, the recent string of success has the organization and fans focusing more on free agency. Mainly focused on finally getting to the Super Bowl, as the Chiefs have spent 49 consecutive seasons outside the big one.

And this year was the closest ever to breaking that streak.

Be honest with yourself, did you ever think the Chiefs were going to have such a great season? Did you predict that Rams v. Chiefs would arguably be the best game of the season? I thought the team would do good but wow. As a fanbase, we should thank our lucky stars for such a good season.

But, that streak still remains.

So now the question is what will it take for Kansas City to make it to Super Bowl 54. Is it a Tom Brady retirement? That would really help, to be honest. What about a turnaround on the defense? The only thing better than Tom retiring is beating him outright.

Before I get into it, the defense needs the most work without a doubt. We can all agree on that I think. But, if you are looking for a tearing apart of Dee Ford or rejoicing that Bob Sutton is gone, you have come to the wrong place. This is how resigning who the team needs back to Kansas City to lead the Chiefs to Miami on February 2, 2020.

First, let's look at all the free agents that the Chiefs have internally.

Allen Bailey Dee Ford Demetrius Harris Anthony Sherman Spencer Ware Orlando Scandrick Mitch Morse Jordan Devey DeAnthony Thomas Jeff Allen Frank Zombo Charcandrick West Steven Nelson Kelvin Benjamin

Other than a few players, this list is not franchise changing.

Allen Bailey

Wow it seems like he has been on the team forever. I think Bailey is a good contributor, but does not warrant a high-value contract. If he was to come back for cheap, sign him for cheap. But I do not see him back on the team.

Stay or Go: Go

Dee Ford

By far the most debated Chiefs free agent this offseason, I am on the fence about Dee Ford. I think that he is going to ask more money than he is worth quite honestly. Kansas City signed Justin Houston to a massive contract, and look at the weight that now has on the franchise. Should history be repeated? I think he has more worth as a tag and trade possibility or a comp draft pick. I do not want him long term, as his production does not outshine his injury history and the money he will command.

Stay or Go: Stay (but go shortly after)

Demetrius Harris

While Harris has his ups and downs, I think he should be back on a small contract, two years at the max. He is not a high-profile free agent and has a history of mistakes. But when he is on, he is a solid TE2 option.

Stay or Go: Stay

Anthony Sherman

Sherman deserves to be a carrer-long Chief, plain and simple. He has a positive impact on offense AND special teams. As long as this keeps up, he has a spot on the roster. Plus, what will he wear this year to St. Joe?

Stay or Go: STAY

Spencer Ware

Ware has been lost in the shuffle in Kansas City. I still remember the Ware/West combo that was very productive after Jamaal Charles and before Kareem Hunt.
He is a solid running back, no doubt. He is not game changing though. He could still serve as a transitional running back if the Chiefs draft another back and I prefer Ware to West. But if Ware asks too much money, let him find that money elsewhere.

Stay or Go: Go

Orlando Scandrick

So, a defensive back that was too bad to contribute to the Chiefs defense? Scandrick should not only be out of Kansas City, but out of the league.

Stay or Go: Go

Mitch Morse

I was a fan of the Morse draft pick back in 2015, even though I am a Kansas State fan. He is an above-average player, filling in the C position nicely. However, his three concussions looms large. It was a big factor in him missing games this past season. I want him back, but expect his medical history to come into play.

Stay or Go: Stay

Jordan Devey

Quietly one of the unexpected better offensive line players this year, Devey is a fringe player. Blame that on injuries and age. He has hopped back and forth between Kansas City's active roster for close to three years now. As solid as he was for seven games, I do not see him on the roster at the beginning of the year.

Stay or Go: Go (but maybe come back)

DeAnthony Thomas

I was a firm believer we stole DAT in the fourth round back in 2014. He was a great college player and I thought he was going to be a solid starter for years. While he has had some of those moments, I think Thomas' tenure has been a letdown. Between the injuries and the recent arrest, do not expect him back.

Stay or Go: Go

Jeff Allen

As far as backups go, Jeff Allen should be back.

Stay or Go: Stay

Frank Zombo

This man does not know how to get off the roster. He is not a priority and I do not expect him to be on the roster. But, watch him being back if a major injury bug hits.

Stay or Go: Go

Charcandrick West

What to do with West. I was glad that he came back, don't get me wrong. He is just at the bottom of the depth chart and his production does not warrant a roster spot. Always a fan of him, but I do not see him in St. Joe.

Stay or Go: Go

Steven Nelson

I think Nelson stands out as the most important and probably most expensive free agent Kansas City has inhouse. PFF has Nelson ranked as the fifth best free agent cornerback. I would argue him up to second, possibly first as Nelson has a) had no major injuries, b) entering his "best" years at age 26 and c) increased his coverage rating every year since he was drafted. Those alone make him a priority free agent and I feel he will set the market as other young free agent cornerbacks are coming off major injuries or down years. Nelson did well against volume passes, being targeted 113 times and still improving his coverage grade. I want him back on the team, but he will be an expensive free agent. Kansas City has to look farther than this offseason, with players like Tyreek Hill, Chris Jones and Patrick Mahommes figuring into the long term plans. If Kansas City can get him for the right price, jump on it. But I think Nelson's contract will be a bloated one, one that the Chiefs do not need on the books.

Stay or Go: Go

Kelvin Benjamin

Last and (probably) least, we have Benjamin. We can talk about his rookie season and his weight and all that. Benjamin best fits as a red zone target and is still at an age where he could use a stable offseason. Sign him to the minimum with lots of performance incentives, as he should just be happy to be on a roster after a few quiet and non-productive seasons.

Stay or Go: Stay

Chris Conley

I think a big disappointment in the receiving corps has been Conley. All I will say is if you don't ahve top-end speed, you need hands and Conley does not have great hands. Let him walk and hope he does not burn you elsewhere.

Stay or Go: Go

So, let's recap the internal free agents.

Allen Bailey: Go
Dee Ford: Stay, but then Go
Demetrius Harris: Stay
Anthony Sherman: STAY
Spencer Ware: Go Orlando Scandrick: Go
Mitch Morse: Stay
Jordan Devey: Go (but maybe come back) DeAnthony Thomas: Go
Jeff Allen: Stay
Frank Zombo: Go
Charcandrick West: Go
Steven Nelson: Go
Kelvin Benjamin: Stay Chris Conley: Go

I think that with every move Kansas City makes, the future weighs heavier and heavier. One year deals or trading for players on rookie contracts will be a key for future success, as I think Mahommes will command a massive contract once his extension time comes, as will Hill and Jones. If a player is simply good and not great, do not pay great money for them. Let that player walk and turn to another. Take chances on injured or down players ( Ronald Darby, Bradley Roby, etc.) to show that they can play still. 2019 may seem like an important offseason now, but always remember the Chiefs will be big spenders in years to come.

Look for my follow up post on external free agents the Chiefs should look to bring in.

Dissect that all you would like and let me know how you agree/disagree!

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