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Chiefs release three more Steve Spagnuolo videos

The new defensive coordinator is already bringing the energy.

Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Understandably, Steve Spagnuolo is a hot commodity right now.

Kansas City Chiefs fans waited a long time for a new defensive coordinator, and they got one in the form of a man with 18 years of NFL coaching experience.

So the Chiefs continued to feed the beast Thursday with two new videos of ol’ Spags:

SPAGNUOLO: “I think there’s enough pieces there that we can mold something together. Look. I think people get a little too wrapped up in the 4-3s and the 3-4s. Really the three things that are vital to defensive football—that’s being able to defeat blocks, great effort and being able to tackle. Now that has nothing to do with the 4-3 or 3-4. So the emphasis on fundamentals, and just building a rock-solid foundation will be the main focus, and then from there, we’ll decide 4-3s, 3-4s, 5-6s, whatever it’s going to be. 5-6 adds up to 11, right? We can do that.”

The guy’s got jokes! 5 + 6 = 11!

The unfortunate reality is there were points last season in which fans would have taken five defensive linemen and six linebackers on the field.

By the way, our own Craig Stout seems to have been right on the money with his takes Thursday morning.

Spagnuolo discusses new defensive line coach Brendan Daly in video two (from old friend BJ Kissel):

SPAGNUOLO: “You can’t argue with his success. He’s got three Super Bowl rings now, and just in watching the Patriots play defense these past five or six years, I can see Brendan Daly‘s handprint all over it. I love the way he coaches, his energy, what he can bring to the table. Even as a D-line coach, I think Brendan has a great feel for overall—all-11, back end, up front, so that’s going to be really valuable for me.”

Daly is an interesting addition, given that it seems he was passed over for the Patriots defensive coordinator position, New England instead going with Greg Schiano. Spagnuolo’s words, “three Super Bowl rings,” do speak volumes, and reading into that brief profile, it sounds like Daly may be serving Spagnuolo as an assistant defensive coordinator of sorts.

Daly will coach the defensive line in Kansas City and has also been named the run game coordinator, so own Aly Trost put together a look at the Patriots defense against the run during his tenure.

Another one from BJ:

SPAGNUOLO: “Well after I came here, the first thing that went through my mind is I hope [Patrick Mahomes] didn’t use up all his good plays (laughing). He’s pretty impressive to watch. I mentioned this: if you could be in an organization that has a top-notch head coach, which the Kansas City Chiefs do, and the quarterback position is getting that kind of play, then you got a chance to be pretty good. Our (defensive) side of the ball and our job is going to be, make sure that they score less points than our offense scores, and we’d like to do a little bit better than that—really be one of the reasons why we win football games. That’s the most important thing.”

This is somewhat cliché stuff, sure, but I do like the final point.

The problem with the Chiefs defense all last year is that it felt like its ceiling was doing just enough to win. Spagnuolo wants to be a reason the Chiefs win.

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