Free Agency by Position: Which FA QB I want and which one Kansas City will most likely sign

Wow, the NFL is quite right now. I referenced it in my last story, but having football for most of the year makes this dead time seem longer and longer.

Which is the perfect time to make news since there is none!

I will be breaking down possible Chiefs signings by position, highlight who I want versus who the Chiefs would most likely sign. Now, keep in mind this is speculation and I do not have any insiders or sources. I just want to look at the current signed players, then at a free agent player and examine their fit, their skills and the chances that they will be in Kansas City.

First up is the head of the offense, arguably the hardest position to replace in football, the quarterback. Now, if you have not noticed, Kansas City is pretty set at the position, having Mahommes. He is the first-ever Chief to win NFL MVP and put up record-setting numbers in his first year starting. I see him staying in Kansas City for many years, while dominating the league like he statistically did this past season.

But, that does not mean he should be the only quarterback on the team. This past season's QB2 was Chad Henne, a low-ceiling option at QB, but fits nicely into the game manager role. His signing was not a splashy one, but a solid signing nonetheless. Henne serves possibly as a mentor to Mahommes, but also a loose safety net in case he goes down. Look no further than the Washington Redskins for the value of backup quarterbacks. The team was firmly in first place in the NFC East, then Alex Smith went down with a gruesome injury. The wheels proceeded to fall off and the team only won one game since Smith's injury. Thus, do not disparage the value in the QB2 or QB3.

I was not a fan of the Chiefs carrying only two quarterbacks on the active roster. Yet, there is a reason Andy Reid is a coach and I am not as the move did not hurt the Chiefs in the grand scheme of things, as Henne only had 13 snaps all year. Personally, I like that QB3 spot for the project quarterback, one that is growing in the position and will probably have a QB2 ceiling. While he was not on the roster, I think Chase Litton "filled" that role.

Litton, an undrafted free agent out of Marshall, had a very nondescript first season as the practice squad quarterback. But, based on his performance in the preseason and camp I would feel comfortable as the future QB2. Another test will come when camp time rolls around and we see if he has grown at all.

All in all, quarterback is not a major need or really a need at all for the Chiefs. This is for all positions though, no matter the need.

FA Quarterback I Want: Davis Webb

Do you sense the Texas Tech connection yet?

Webb has already served as Mahommes' backup during their time at Texas Tech. Webb would later transfer to California and throw for 4,295 yards and 37 touchdowns in the (Golden) Bear-Raid offense.

Now, numbers and talent could have a wide gap, especially at the college level. The New York Giants drafted Webb during the 2017 draft in the third round, yet cut ties a year later. This was a move that surprised a lot of people, as the Giants quarterback depth chart is not know for its depth.

Webb ended up on the New York Jets, where he was lauded by Jets' Pro Bowl safety Jamal Adams.

"Davis Webb is a starter in this league, no doubt," Adams told the Carlin, Maggie and Bart show on WFAN New York. "He has the intangibles. He has the work ethic to be a starter one day."

Not a bad compliment at all, especially a few months after Webb was cut.

All in all, Webb would really only fit as QB3, as I trust Henne over him.

FA Quarterback Kansas City (Might) Sign: Trevor Siemian

Well, I had to pick one right?

I like Siemian in Denver. I did not like him as a starter though. I think he can fill the game manager role, but not a game changer. What else do you want from QB3?

Siemian never saw the field after a trade sent him to the Minnesota Vikings. He had his statistically best season in Denver during 2016, with 3,401 passing yards and 18 touchdowns. Not too bad for a 7th round pick.

But I do not see the Chiefs signing a (current) free agent quarterback.

This quarterback class is extremely weak for starters, and the same goes for backups. Now, during the cut season and once undrafted free agents emerge, maybe the Chiefs become players in the market. You never know who will become a roster or cap casualty. I think drafting a quarterback in the later rounds (rounds 5-7) makes more sense than pursuing a free agent. Players such as Trace McSorely and Jacob Dolegala (look him up) should warrant a larte-round flyer from the Chiefs.

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