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The 25 best random Chiefs encounter stories

An offseason exercise.

Back on Monday, we asked the Arrowhead Pride readership a simple question on Twitter:

As of this writing, the original tweet has nearly 600 responses. So as we do with anything and everything nowadays, let’s rank them:

(Note: These stories have not been fact-checked. This is simply a compilation of tweets sent in by the fan base.)

No. 25 - The naked Chief

No. 24 - Conley in Cancun

No. 23 - Move your escalade, DJ

No. 22 - Truck-sticked by Priest Holmes

No. 21 - A Killa Trav Thanksgiviing

No. 20 - Tamba helps a turtle

No. 19 - Trent!

No. 18 - Dwayne Bowe doesn’t care about your Chiefs gear

No. 17 - All red everything

No. 16 - A beer with Donnie

No. 15 - Alex at the Apple Store

No. 14 - Beers in the bus

No. 13 - Matriculate at the mall

No. 12 - A life changed by Eddie Kennison

No. 11 - Free WWE tickets from Chris Jones

No. 10 - A 300-yard drive by DT

No. 9 - “You look like Spencer Ware.”

No. 8 - Smoking Alex at the ‘Faloon

No. 7 - Kelce in blue

No. 6 - Dinner with Tamba

No. 5 - An elevator ride with “Lenny the Cool”

No. 4 - Who’s that in the car next to me? Oh, just QB1.

No. 3 - Willie Roaf’s secret weapon

No. 2 - Catching Kelce... on film

No. 1 - The future

It's Game Time.

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