One reason Chiefs fans should hope for a Patriots victory on Sunday

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From the FanPosts -- JD

When the 2019 NFL regular seasons kicks off on a Thursday night edition of Sunday Night Football this September, viewers will likely see either a rematch of the AFC Championship game or the NFC Championship game, because the winner of the Super Bowl usually gets to host the opening game the following season.

One of the New England Patriots' home opponents in 2019 is the Kansas City Chiefs. One of the Los Angeles Rams' home opponents is the New Orleans Saints. The NFL will likely jump at the opportunity for a championship rematch on opening night -- and either way, it will bring in a lot of ratings.

If the Rams win on Sunday, there has been so much drama around the Rams-Saints championship game that viewers would be eager to tune in and see how (or how not) any new rule changes on referee judgement calls come into play in that matchup.

But if the Super Bowl plays out the other way, the NFL will get to rack up even more ratings courtesy of Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady -- two great players of the present and past in a rematch of the previous season's conference championship game. The NFL only has a limited number of Mahomes-Brady matchups left, and they know each game is special for ratings and history.

I don't care about the The Hoodie and Tom Brady adding another ring to their legacy. I do care about the Chiefs going into New England to open up the NFL season and setting a tone from day one. A tone that says they just beat the best. A tone that says they can win in big, primetime games with a lot on the line.

On that opening night, the Chiefs would have an opportunity to put themselves in the best position of any team in the conference to be the number one seed in the playoffs.

There would be another advantage, too. If the Chiefs play in New England to start the season on a Thursday night, they would have a ten-day mini-bye to prepare for their Week 2 opponent, which would likely be the home opener at Arrowhead.

So there is at least one reason for Chiefs fans to hope the Patriots win on Sunday. Even if they don't, I would not be surprised if the Patriots host the Chiefs on Sunday night of Week 1. It would be a big win for NBC to host both championship rematches in week one, but the NFL may end up spreading them out.

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