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Andy Reid roundup: Five takeaways from the Chiefs head coach

Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spoke to media members via conference call on Monday after the team’s 23-16 win over the New England Patriots. The Chiefs’ next game is Sunday against the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium at Noon Arrowhead Time.

Here were some of the items that stood out:

1) Andy Reid said the Chiefs had to change the game plan against the Patriots due to Patrick Mahomes’ injured hand.

“He was having a little tough of a time gripping the ball, so we [implemented] a little bit more of a shallow cross game,” said Reid. “You saw that. Shorter throws. Ran the ball a little bit more.”

Mahomes was still able to remain somewhat effective even with the altered game plan.

“That comes with playing the quarterback position,” added Reid. “In this league, you’re the leader of the team, the organization. As it goes, you’re the face of the organization, the leader of the team. There’s certain things you have to do to step up. It’s not just one thing. It’s not that you have to throw the ball 50 yards down the field. You lead the guys around you to even better than what they are, and he has the ability to do that. And he keeps everybody involved. Both sides of the ball and special teams is all in all the time, so that’s a real positive there.”

2) Reid commented on Spencer Ware, who came back to the team and led all running backs in snaps.

“He came back in good shape, so that was the start,” said Reid. “And then he knows the offense. He gives you a little different wrinkle in there, which isn’t bad. He gives you a little power game, and that’s effective.”

Each running back — Ware, LeSean McCoy and Darwin Thompson — saw at least 25% of the offense’s snaps.

“All three backs got to play, and so I thought that was important. We gave different looks from different people, and each one has a couple good things they did there.”

3) The Chiefs were indeed running a fake punt when Dustin Colquitt was blocked.

“We had a fake called, so it just didn’t get executed,” said Reid.

4) Reid discussed the Chiefs’ collective post-game attitude that winning the AFC West division was never the end goal.

“This is what’s real: we enjoyed it while we were in the locker room — as a team, we enjoyed it — but the season’s not over,” said Reid. “It was a nice win, it was a nice opportunity to have an AFC West title, but listen, we’ve got games ahead of us that we have to take care of. We’ve got a team coming in here (the Denver Broncos) that’s hotter than a firecracker, so we’ve got to make sure that we get ourselves right and get back on it.”

The Houston Texans, who defeated the Patriots just a week ago, lost to the Broncos 38-24 on Sunday.

“You saw the last team that Patriots and what happened the following week,” explained Reid. “You got to make sure you get yourself ready to go. Unfortunately, in this league, there is not a lot of time to rest on this one. By the time I do this press conference with you every week, I’m well into the next team. The freshest part of me giving it to you is right after the game. That’s kind of how it is as a unit — you celebrate the moment and then you got to get ready to go for the next one.”

5) Reid made his initial comments on Broncos quarterback Drew Lock.

Lock is 2-0 in two games after going 40 of 55 for five touchdowns and just two interceptions.

“This kid is talented,” said Reid. “I’m happy that he’s had a chance to play. I think it’s good for the AFC West and the National Football League — we have some young quarterbacks in this league right now that are really special. You add another one in there and we love challenges, and he’ll present that to us on Sunday.”

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