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Five takeaways from Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes on Tuesday

Reid and Mahomes spoke to the media, which you may watch in full here.

Kansas City Chiefs v Chicago Bears Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs have a special media schedule this week with Christmas Day on Wednesday. Head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes spoke to the media on Tuesday instead. If you want to watch the full Reid and Mahomes pressers, you may do so here.

Here were my five most significant items of note:

1) Reid tied up some loose ends.

Some quick Chiefs player notes from the head coach:

  • On RB Spencer Williams, who hurt his shoulder in the team’s game against the Bears: “If we had to practice [Tuesday], Spencer Ware would be questionable, but we didn’t practice [Tuesday], so he wasn’t questionable.”
  • On LG Andrew Wylie, who was ruled out of the Bears game due to a mix of ailments: “He was not on the list [Tuesday]. We didn’t practice. Still a bit tender, but we’ll see, see where he is, but there’s a chance [he will practice Wednesday].
  • On DT Xavier Williams, who the Chiefs need to make a decision on this week: “There are a bunch of things that go into it. Brett (Veach) weighs all that out. I stay out of that mix of it, so he’s got to juggle a bunch of different things with that, and that’s what he does. But we’ll see. We know he’s a good player and gives us quality depth there. That’s one of the things that Brett keeps in mind.”

2) Reid was impressed with what he saw from defensive tackle Terrell Suggs in his Kansas City debut.

The 17-year NFL veteran played 17 snaps against the Chicago Bears.

“I kind of liked what I saw,” said Reid. “He’s got a good energy about him, and you saw it on the first couple rushes... guys get upset if they don’t get a sack that first rush, and he was in that first third down. He chased the quarterback (Mitch Trubisky) from the pocket, was right there to take it and 55 (Frank Clark) got the sack.”

Here is the play:

“[Suggs] laughed about it. He goes, ‘Man, I worked [Trubisky]. My man here gets the sack. Well, good for him!”

3) Mahomes and the Chiefs’ ability to convert third-and-longs has become a topic of conversation after their win against Chicago. Mahomes explained his perspective on the success.

The Chiefs were 6 of 11 on third down, including conversions of third-and-10 and third-and-18.

“I think it’s coach (Reid) preparing us for those situations,” said Mahomes. “We have times in training camp where it’s just third-and-long, where we’re third-and-11 plus and we’re going against the defense. They’re more in the prime position, where they want to get those stops, but he’s putting us in those situations, so we’re prepared to either hit the first down or chuck it down and find a way to get the first down.

“I think it goes with a lot of trust between teammates. When you have a third-and-long like that, the offensive line has to do their job protecting for a long time and then the receivers have to do their job of getting open. They all have to trust that I’m going to put the ball out on time to give them chances to make plays. I think just preparing that way and trusting each other has given us the opportunity to make some of these third and longs happen.”

4) Mahomes confirmed he has felt healthier each week.

It has seemed over the past few weeks that Mahomes has grown more and more comfortable on the field and in the pocket. This could be because he finally feels healthy after recovering from left ankle, right kneecap and right hand injuries.

Mahomes was asked if he has felt stronger as the year has gone on in 2019.

“I think so,” said Mahomes. “Each and every week, I’m able to go through the rehab and treatment process and just prepare my body. I feel like this year I’ve learned that even if I am feeling 100 percent, I still want to go in there and take care of my body. Whereas, last year I would’ve just gotten out of here when I was done with my film study. I’ve really spent more time in the training room preparing my body just knowing I need to be in the best shape possible going into the playoffs.”

Mahomes said that pre-hab was his idea.

“As I was in the training room early with the ankle injury, I’ve kind of realized I just want to keep taking care of my body in that way. I thought I was before that but this year I’ve really understood that I can take care of my body even better.”

5) Reid plans to play all of his starters against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday.

More on that here.

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