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Let’s Argue: “I don’t want Terrell Suggs on the Chiefs”

Robert Rimpson takes on all your hot takes, wacky predictions and unpopular opinions

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to this week’s edition of Let’s Argue!

Inspired by a video series created by music reviewer Anthony Fantano, Robert Rimpson’s weekly series takes a look at hot takes, unpopular opinions, wacky predictions and more from Kansas City Chiefs fans

“I don’t want Terrell Suggs on the Chiefs”

On Monday, the Chiefs claimed Terrell Suggs from the waiver wire. I understand that some people have concerns about grabbing the veteran edge rusher from the Arizona Cardinals. Some worry that he’s too old and won’t have anything left in the tank. Others wonder if he would even show up in Kansas City after there were reports that Suggs only wanted to play for the Baltimore Ravens — the team with which he played for 16 seasons.

But this year, Suggs has posted 5.5 sacks, eight tackles for loss and four forced fumbles. Comparatively, Alex Okafor — whom the Chiefs lost for the season after he tore a pectoral muscle — had five sacks, five tackles for loss and one forced fumble. And late on Monday, friend-of-the-site Terez Paylor of Yahoo! Sports said that Suggs planned to report to Kansas City and play.

The Chiefs are extremely thin on the defensive line, so one way or another, they were going to have to bolster their depth. I think Suggs has the potential to be another playmaker on an already improved defense — and if that’s the case, it might be even more important that he be prevented from joining Baltimore’s roster.

“The Chiefs defense has faced weak competition lately”

It’s true that the Chiefs defense has had great games against offenses that aren’t necessarily powerhouses. But the point isn’t that the defense has become one of the best in the league, but rather that it has vastly improved from last year.

The defense was able to get a critical turnover in what was potentially a game-winning drive against the Los Angeles Chargers — exactly the situation in which they failed last year. They did the same thing to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Foxborough — another team the defense couldn’t hold off in late drives last season. And while wins against the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos don’t seem to be anything to brag about, the plays the defense they made in those games certainly were.

Juan Thornhill’s pick-six against the Raiders and Tyrann Mathieu’s incredible pass breakup to prevent a touchdown against the Broncos on Sunday are just a couple of plays the Chiefs defense wishes it could have made last year. It may not be a top-10 defense — but it doesn’t have to be.

“The Chiefs shouldn’t punt with 4th and less than five to go”

I know Arrowhead Pride’s very own Ethan Douglas likes where you are on this; he wrote about this very topic nearly a month ago. While Ethan could literally write a book on why the Chiefs are cowards for not going for it on fourth down, I’ll put it like this: the Chiefs are tied for seventh in the NFL in fourth-down conversion rates with 60%, but are also tied for dead last in the NFL in fourth-down attempts with only 10.

While the two teams tied for last in attempts (the Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks) are doing much better than the teams tied for first in attempts (the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants), the Ravens have proved it’s possible to have the best of both worlds: they have a 76% conversion rate on the fourth-most attempts.

Few would complain if the Chiefs decided that they wanted to be more aggressive. More fourth-down attempts would be a good place to start.

“The Chiefs will only win one Super Bowl this year”

Well... when you put it like that it sounds really sad.

You know what? The NFL should have two Super Bowls every year, which would give teams a chance to go back-to-back in the same year. Then if the winners of the Super Bowls are different, they could face off in the Super Duper Bowl on a later date.

I’d watch that.

“The Chiefs should trade Travis Kelce because he’s getting old”

We’ve responded to a very similar take in a previous Let’s Argue, and my opinion hasn’t really changed.

I do want to add, however, that Kelce’s age isn’t as big of a deal as people think. With four consecutive 1,000-yard seasons, he has been the definition of consistent at tight end. I don’t think that’ll magically go away next year (or the year after) just because he’s thirty years old.

Besides, Jason Witten proved that even old veteran tight ends can be valuable. I just don’t see a good reason to get rid of Kelce.

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