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Arrowhead Pride Beer of the Week: Alaskan Brewing Company Smoked Porter

Looking for something to drink this weekend? Let Craig tell you about this week’s Beer of the Week!

Photo courtesy of Alaskan Brewing Company

Welcome to another edition of the Beer of the Week!

As always, the Beer of the Week will be presented on the Arrowhead Pride Tailgate on 610 Sports Radio. This week’s show will happen between 10 a.m. and Noon on Sunday.

With a road game on the way, I decided to highlight a recent addition to the local distribution area. Having just released this year’s batch last week, this week’s Beer of the Week is Alaskan Brewing Company Smoked Porter!

This 6.5% ABV Porter has a dark, robust body and a deep smokey flavor — perfect for tailgating, smoked meats or a cold morning out at Arrowhead. This beer was developed in 1988 by Alaskan Brewing Company and introduced American consumers to smoke-flavored beers. Since its conception, the Smoked Porter has become one of the most award-winning beers in history, tallying 16 Great American Beer Festival medals alone.

Alaskan Brewing Company opened in Juneau in 1986, becoming the 67th independent brewery in the country. Fueled by a desire to make quality beers that celebrated Alaska’s tradition and innovation, owners Marcy and Geoff Larson set out to create the first brewery in Juneau since prohibition.

To make their beers, they used local glacial water, Alaskan spruce tips and smoked malts with alderwood — an indigenous hardwood tree. Geoff and Marcy even found an old brewing recipe from gold rush shipping records and brewed it commercially as Alaskan Amber Ale. The two have truly embraced the local history and ingredients to make some top quality beers that aren’t the traditional fare.

If you can, make sure to swing by your local liquor store and scoop up some Alaskan Brewing Company Smoked Porter this weekend!

Check back here this time next week for the new Beer of the Week!

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