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Chiefs say Blake Bell was only option on late third-down play vs. Titans

Offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy was also questioned about his health throughout the game.

The Kansas City Chiefs had a 32-27 lead over the Tennessee Titans in the fourth quarter last Sunday with under two minutes to go, simply needing a first down on third-and-2 to ice the game.

By now, we all know what happened. The Chiefs made a very questionable play-call: a screen pass to tight end Blake Bell. The Titans covered it well and Patrick Mahomes slid, taking a sack and a loss of five yards.

Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy told the media on Friday that Bell was “the only option on that play.”

“Every week, we sit and have these discussions or scenarios that come up,” said Bieniemy. “Kudos to Tennessee — they did a heck of a job. They defended it, they made the play when they needed to make it. We didn’t make the play.”

Bieniemy added that the Chiefs discussed going for it on fourth down had they not lost yardage on the play.

“That was a scenario that was discussed, but we also felt pretty good about our special teams,” said Bieniemy. “We felt that we would get it done. One thing we do as a staff, we always sit and go through the scenarios. We plan each and every game out. When it’s all said and done with, we make each and every decision wholeheartedly. We’re all in, so we were all in. We knew the consequences. It’s like any other play. Some plays are successful, some plays aren’t, but that’s why you play a team game as well.”

When it comes to Bell, he was injured earlier in the game with an ankle injury. He has yet to practice this week due to what the Chiefs are calling a high-ankle sprain. Bieniemy confirmed that during the game, Bell felt well enough to play.

“There was no line of communication that was broken,” said Bieniemy. “At that time, he was up. He was playing. He was able to go, so we called the play that we felt was the best play for our interest at that particular time with a player that was up and playing. So, that was the play.”

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