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Arrowhead Pride Beer of the Week: 3 Trails Brewing Not Deflated

Looking for something to drink this weekend? Let Craig tell you about this week’s Beer of the Week!

Image courtesy of 3 Trails Brewing Company

Welcome to another edition of the Beer of the Week!

As always, the Beer of the Week will be presented on the Arrowhead Pride Tailgate on 610 Sports Radio. This week’s show will happen between 10 a.m. and Noon on Sunday.

Another home game means another local brewery with a limited distribution footprint for those traveling in from out of town to try. Since this is a football website, we had to go with a brewery that was willing to poke fun at one of the Chiefs’ main contenders to their first championship since 1969.

This week’s Beer of the Week is 3 Trails Brewing Not Deflated New England IPA!

A 7.2% ABV New England IPA, Not Deflated isn’t your typical haze-bomb. Aggressively hopped with citrus flavors and well-balanced in malts, this beer reminded me more of the famous New England IPAs rather than those simply trying to capitalize on the craze. It’s an incredibly well-crafted beer and worth seeking out for hop lovers.

3 Trails Brewing Company opened in February of 2019 in Independence, MO. They’re a small brewery that’s gaining a foothold in the Kansas City beer scene, and I had the pleasure to talk to Jesse Rose, the head brewer at 3 Trails. Jesse is from the Kansas City area and was raised as a Chiefs fan — growing up with our own Joel Thorman — and he took some time to answer some of my questions.

CS: How did 3 Trails get started?

JR: “3 Trails was started with the help of an Independence economic development committee that realized that there was a desire for a craft brewery in the area. The current building owner and one of the partners in the brewery was looking for a promising business to occupy the space that was formerly an antique shop. The EDC brought the idea of a brewery to Matt Medley. Matt not having much knowledge of craft beer (he’s quickly learning) entrusted the help of his long-time coworker and friend Brian Clark. Brian is big into the beer-trading game but didn’t have much knowledge of the actual process.”

CS: How did you get involved with 3 Trails?

JR: “I came into the picture after spending 14 years in Michigan. The partners posted an ad on a professional website looking for someone to run brewing operations. Having grown up in the Kansas City are,a I took interest and contacted 3 Trails.”

CS: How did you get started in the brewing industry?

JR: “I started home-brewing when I was 21 after my younger brother bought me a home-brewing kit from Northern Brewer. Attending college, I fell into a job with a brewing company then known as Gonzo’s and now owned by Saugatuck Brewing Co. While there, I received an associates degree from Kalamazoo Valley Community College in Sustainable Craft Brewing. After about three years at Gonzo’s, I left for a position at Bell’s Brewing Company. In October of 2018, I moved back to KC after working at Bell’s for almost three years. We opened the following February.”

CS: What were your best brews before going to work for 3 Trails?

JR: “I made a bunch of different things while home brewing, but my favorites were barrel-aged sour beers. Two Hearted was about 70% of all production at Bell’s and still my go-to if I pick something up at the store.”

CS: Kansas City has absolutely exploded with breweries recently. How do you grab people’s attention (and tastebuds) in a crowded market?

JR: “I think the craft industry in Independence is still in its infancy. KC is definitely on the upslope, but nothing like I saw in Michigan. Right now our focus is on the tap room and offering a wide range of options. We have a full bar and eight flat screen TVs for watching sports. Our offerings range from multiple lagers to our award-winning Imperial Stout that won second place best of show in the Denver International Beer Competition. We’ve recently started making mead, so we’re excited for that frontier as well!”

CS: It’s obvious you are a Chiefs fan, naming a New England IPA “Not Deflated”. How long have you been a fan, and what are some of your favorite Chiefs memories?

JR: “I’ve been a Chiefs fan as long as I can remember. The days of Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith are a vivid memory along with that dominating defense. Then came the era of Joe Montana and Dick Vermeil when it was our offense that mattered. Unfortunately, being at the game this past weekend will not be one of my fondest memories.

CS: What’s your prediction for this weekend’s game against the Houston Texans?

JR: “I’m expecting a shootout this weekend. I’d take the over with a score of 34-31, Chiefs.”

Many thanks to Jesse Rose and 3 Trails Brewing Company for taking time out to answer some questions and for making great beer! If you’re in Kansas City or Independence this weekend — or any weekend — make sure you stop by 3 Trails to sample some of the region’s finest local brews!

Check back here this time next week for the new Beer of the Week!

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