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Dustin Colquitt believes this season is different, and he is someone who would know

Remember, Colquitt has been a member of the Chiefs since 2005.

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Our own John Dixon wrote a fantastic piece Tuesday regarding how Patrick Mahomes cares little about the Kansas City Chiefs’ six-game home playoff losing streak—the reason being, as Mahomes said himself, is that Saturday will be his first professional playoff game.

He has little frame of reference (sure, he was a backup for the Titans disaster last season) for all the Chiefs home playoff failures.

The same cannot be said for punter Dustin Colquitt, who was drafted by the Chiefs in 2005 and has suffered some of the heartbreak many Chiefs fans feel heading into Saturday’s divisional round game against the Colts.

Colquitt has been a Chief for six playoff losses in total, three coming at home in 2010, 2016 and 2017. That is why if anyone in the locker room would know if this year could be different, it’s the 36-year-old punter.

“It’s very different,” Colquitt said. “Everybody in this locker room has changed and matured a year—new outlook, new guys that are the face of our program, and so it’s totally new. It’s impossible to really look back when you have somebody new, in particular, at the quarterback spot, in which coach (Andy) Reid and (Eric) Bieniemy have been able to do. It’s fun to watch and something we never had before, so it’s hard to look back when we have nothing but going forward.”

Colquitt mimicked the words of linebacker Justin Houston, who made a point of there being only three weeks left in the locker room shortly after the Chiefs’ Week 17 win.

“We have three weeks to really put things together,” Colquitt added. We’re just concentrating on each other and how we can be in our spot...not doing anything different or out of the ordinary, but like coach Reid said, let your personality show, and that’s just being you.”

Colquitt was also asked about some of the other pillars of the franchise, including Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson and Jamaal Charles, and what it would mean to have lasted long enough for the home playoff victory that eluded them all.

“It would be great,” Colquitt said. “Obviously, this is a six-year-kind of build. I think this is the best we’ve been. We’ve got great players that are playing at high levels right now—offense, defense and special teams—and we just have to go out and just be us, and that’s the biggest thing we can do.”

The last Chiefs home playoff win came 25 years ago Tuesday. Colquitt, the oldest player on the Chiefs by three years, was 11 at the time.

It is time.

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