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Kendall Fuller’s food regimen includes Kansas City favorites

Fuller frequents The Mixx, Q39 and Bristol Seafood Grill.

With the Kansas City Chiefs’ biggest game of the season ahead on Saturday afternoon against the Indianapolis Colts, local Kansas City reporters asked cornerback Kendall Fuller about what types of things he is doing to stay grounded.

Fuller eventually described his typical food routine, and his list included some of Kansas City’s favorite restaurants:

FULLER: “Monday is Q39—burnt end burger, Tuesday is The Mixx—I just get the salad. Wednesday, I go to The Mixx again because the salad is so good, but Wednesday I add the fries to it ... Thursday is Chick Fil-A. Friday, it’s all about the Friday meal. Friday is Bristol seafood. I’m a Maryland guy, so I love seafood. I don’t get any main course, just nothing but appetizers, but they are all seafood. Mussels, oysters, lobster mac ‘n cheese.”

Defensive lineman Chris Jones said he is sticking to his typical routine as well.

“Me and X (Xavier Williams) will probably go to Mother Cluckers,” Jones said. “Ice House downtown, grab the normal meal, prepare for the rest of the week ... Mother Cluckers—chicken sandwich, two chicken breasts, three chicken wings, three orders of fries and a Cap’n Crunch milkshake.”

Something tells me the Kendall Fuller challenge is about to be a thing.

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