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Patrick Mahomes describes no-look pass to Peter King

The perfect way to start playoff week No. 1.

NBC Sports’ Peter King spent some time with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes during what looks like the playoff bye week, and Mahomes provided Chiefs and football fans with another gem.

King asked Mahomes to describe how the no-look pass against Baltimore Ravens happened.

Watch the must-see video below:

King’s team shot the video as part of his weekly Football Morning in America column.

MAHOMES: “First off, I sent my man (Gehrig) Dieter the wrong way. He was supposed to motion this way; I brought him all the way back over here and motioned him that way, so we had four guys on the right side of the field, and Travis Kelce was right here, so as I dropped back in the snap I peeked this side, knowing that I’m thinking Trav one-on-one on his route and so I look over to Trav—they double covered him, and so I step up, there’s a rush coming. I step up here and I step up here and I see Demarcus Robinson streaking across the field with a safety sitting right there. And so instead of looking at D-Rob, I just kind of give him the look over here, and then I just (Mahomes throws a perfect no-look pass to a station) hit him right there, right where the trash can was. Instead of looking at him, I just put it out there, D-Rob made a great play. It was a cool play and the season went on.”

King added that the video was done in one take.

Expect something different?

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