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Travis Kelce opens up about Chiefs’ loss to Patriots, overtime rules and more

Kelce made the rounds at Super Bowl week in Atlanta Thursday.

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce made the rounds at Super Bowl media week in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday, beginning his day with The Dan Patrick Show.

Kelce is using his platform this week in partnership with Emergent BioSolutions and to spread awareness about the opioid overdose crisis. Kelce’s home state of Ohio has previously led the nation in opioid overdose deaths.

To no one’s surprise, Dan Patrick led off the interview by recounting the Chiefs tight end’s time on Catching Kelce, before asking him how he met his current girlfriend. Kelce admitted it was via Instagram direct messaging.

“Shoutout to Instagram,” Kelce said as the studio audience laughed. “You can use it for business, pleasure, all the above.”

Then Patrick got down to business.

The first half against the Patriots

The first thing Patrick wanted from Kelce was his take on exactly what happened in the first half of the AFC championship game against the New England Patriots. The Patriots went into the halftime locker room up 14-0.

“Man, I’ve tried to really put it all together and I think it’s just, uh—it was shocking, the way they were kind of playing man coverage.”

Patrick asked if the Patriots showed them something they didn’t expect.

“We knew what we were going to see,” Kelce said. “We practiced all week, it was just—they were a little bit more aggressive than we expected. Physically aggressive at the line of scrimmage, grabbing, holding. Getting off of that man coverage, it took us a little while, and at times when we were finally getting off man coverage, Pat (Mahomes) was kind of under duress back there.

“All and all, I hate to say it, but we weren’t ready for it. In the second half, we came out, and we came out firing because we were.”

The Chiefs tied the game at 31, but the Patriots won in overtime when Tom Brady drove down the field and New England scored a touchdown in 13 plays.

“It’s frustrating, seeing the outcome—it took us a whole half just to catch up and try and take it into overtime. Being that much better next year, being that more aware next year, that’s all I can really focus on right now. I’m trying not to hang my hat really on what happened in the game.”

Patrick then suggested that all of America was rooting for the Chiefs in the game.

NFL: AFC Championship Game-New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

“I felt it, yeah,” Kelce said. “Going into it, you can feel that everyone’s kind of sick of the Patriots at this point.”

Patrick asked Kelce if he hates the Patriots.

“I don’t know if it’s hate,” Kelce said. “I respect a lot of the guys over there, so I can’t call it hate because there is a lot of respect for what they have been able to do and the careers they’ve been able to have. I would say that it’s more so just a very very strong and competitive [dislike].”

The season as a whole

Patrick then looked back at the Chiefs season and painted a picture.

He asked Kelce if back in training camp, whether he would have taken an AFC title loss knowing he’d be playing with a first-year starting quarterback (Mahomes) and the team would lose its starting running back (Kareem Hunt).

“No,” Kelce said pointedly. “And that’s just because we really believed we had a chance to win it all. Ever since training camp last year, when Alex (Smith) was with us and we went out the way we did last year—it was sick to our stomachs. We knew we had the foundation and the players to do it. Just fell short of the goal. Lost on a coin-flip.”

Kelce seemed a bit melancholy as he discussed how the Chiefs’ season panned out.

Overtime rules

Kelce’s coin-flip comment led to Patrick bringing up the topic of overtime rules.

“The rules are the rules, obviously, so I’m not going to sit here and say that we should have had a chance to do this or that,” Kelce said. “But being in that situation and losing like that, it kind of felt—there’s an empty feeling in my stomach, just knowing that we didn’t even get a chance to get out there, and I think the only reason why it’s really becoming an issue now is everyone really wanted to see Patrick go out there and try and be a Hall of Famer.”

Patrick played devil’s advocate, saying that most NFL fans wouldn’t have been as upset if the Chiefs had won on their first possession in overtime.

NFL: AFC Championship Game-New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs Mark Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

“I think that’s the truth,” Kelce said in agreement.

Patrick proposed the league could potentially switch overtime rules to something more like they do in college.

“I think the college overtime is extremely exciting,” Kelce said. “I’ve always loved it. It doesn’t matter who’s playing—it could be teams that I’ve never even heard of that are colleges out there—I’m locked into college games just because the OTs are so high-energy.”

Super Bowl LIII - Rams vs. Patriots

Kelce told Patrick he would watch the Super Bowl Sunday as a fan, just like everybody else.

When asked what he would tell the Rams in beating the Patriots, his answer was “pressure.”

“What [the Patriots] do up front, they do it very well,” he said. “They run games, they play man coverage in the back end and then they throw a few different coverages at you in between to make you second-guess what they’re doing.”

Kelce will also be watching for the commercials.

Eli Manning dancing might be the funniest thing I have ever seen.”

Kelce also talked to Patrick about the last time he fought with his brother, (Eagles OL) Jason Kelce and more. Watch on the player above or by clicking here.

Other Kelce appearances at Super Bowl week

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