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Patrick Mahomes Week 17 Film Review: MVP moments

To no one’s surprise, Mahomes wins the award for SB Nation’s Chiefs website.

Oakland Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

This is part two of a three-part weekly film analysis on the performance of Patrick Mahomes. Part one here.

This is not a preemptive announcement that Patrick Mahomes is the Associated Press Most Valuable Player.

The other AP (we at Arrowhead Pride), in our not-remotely-biased opinion, is naming the second-year quarterback the NFL’s most valuable player in a landslide.

Should things not go as they should at the NFL Honors event on February 2, consider this announcement to be what you base your reality in. Yes, we are going full UCF if the 50 voters for the highest individual honor in football are to make a giant mistake. I’m printing T-shirts commemorating this achievement regardless of what the other AP says.

There are many ways to slice this, but beyond completion percentage and qBwInZ, there’s not much that Drew Brees or anyone else can claim as reason to not select Mahomes as the MVP.

  • Mahomes has 18 more touchdown passes than Brees.
  • He has nearly as many TD passes on the road (31) as Brees does on the season (32).
  • He has as many touchdown passes of 10 or more yards as Brees has on the season.
  • He’s the second player in NFL history to throw for 50 touchdowns and 5,000 yards in a season.
  • Only Peyton Manning (55) has thrown more touchdown passes in a single season.
  • His performance in the games the Chiefs lost?

There have been countless signature Mahomes moments this season, including a couple in his final game of the regular season.

Something special

I’m not seeing anyone making this kind of play in the NFL.

This probably won’t be in the top 20 plays of Mahomes’ season but would be one of the best plays of others. Mahomes has immediate pressure after the play fake, rolls to his right to escapes, finds Kelce and delivers a throw away from his momentum, back into the middle of the field for a big completion. Few are able to pull this kind of playoff, and we’re not seeing it much from anyone else. This is rare. This is MVP caliber.

His 50th touchdown pass was yet another special play on the season—89 yards to surpass the 5,000-yard mark for the season. It has all the elements of what makes Mahomes elite.

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As he’s done several times this season, Mahomes has made something out of a bad situation on a third-and-long. The play is a simple design: a deep curl-flat concept mirrored on both sides of the formation.

Mahomes gets front-side pressure and has to step up into the pocket. Demarcus Robinson, who was supposed to run a curl, beat his man off the line, saw safety Karl Joseph shallow and elected to take his route vertical instead. Luckily, as Mahomes moved up toward the line of scrimmage, he saw Robinson gave him a shot downfield.

Mahomes wasn’t able to generate the same kind of momentum toward the target he would probably like to, but somehow was still able to get the ball 47 air yards before the ball landed in the hands of Robinson.

MVP Moments

Just a few plays as a reminder. They’re littered throughout the season.

His first Arrowhead TD pass in Week 3:

Week 4 with the left hand:

Week 14 on fourth-and-9 and an additional phenomenal two-play sequence:

Week 16 on a miraculous sidearm throw in Seattle:

He’s special. He’s Kansas City’s.

He’s the 2018 AP Most Valuable Player.

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