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Anthony Sherman should have won the Pro Bowl’s offensive MVP award

The Chiefs fullback had a great case to be named MVP.

The cold, hard truth of it being the offseason has hit me as I begin to draft this post on Anthony Sherman being cheated out of the Pro Bowl offensive MVP award.

But he was. Sherman’s teammate Patrick Mahomes won the award Sunday despite worse stats.

AP lobbyist Peter Schrager was all over it on this morning’s Good Morning Football.

“The wrong Chief won MVP,” Schrager said, as he reviewed the Sausage’s Pro Bowl highlights.

Sherman compiled four rushes for 11 yards and a rushing touchdown in the showcase game, as well as three catches for 92 yards. Mahomes was 7 of 14 for 156 yards and a touchdown.

In all seriousness, the problem Sherman ran into was that 84 yards of his production came in the game’s fourth quarter. I didn’t cover this year’s Pro Bowl in Orlando, so I can’t be 100 percent certain on this, but media members are typically handed MVP ballots early on in the game’s final quarter, and I’d guess many finalized their ballots prior to Sherman finishing the game as strong as he did.

The Arrowhead Pride Pro Bowl offensive MVP vote was closer than I thought it would be, as Sherman finished with 52 percent of the vote to Mahomes’ 48 percent (nearly 2,000 Chiefs fans).

Sherman winning the offensive MVP might have been a fitting end to the fullback position in the league’s all-star game, as there was chatter this year that having the position at the Pro Bowl is outdated.

Both Chiefs took the controversy in stride after the game.

Mahomes on Twitter:

You know Mahomes’ best friend Gehrig Dieter is going to have something to say about that.

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