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Chiefs vs. Patriots FINAL: Patriots defeat Chiefs 37-31 in overtime

It is finally game day. The Chiefs hosts the Patriots in the AFC championship tonight. Refresh this page for live updates at Arrowhead throughout the game!

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FINAL: Patriots 37, Chiefs 31

Fourth quarter

  • The Patriots’ winning OT drive sees 13 plays, 75 yards and lasts nearly 5 minutes. Burkhead runs it in for the winner. Patriots are going to the Super Bowl.
  • Back-to-back big passes from Mahomes — 21 yards to Spencer Ware then 27 to Demarcus Robinson — put the Chiefs at New England’s 21 with just seconds remaining. Mahomes throws incomplete deep right and the Chiefs go for the field goal — 39 yards — and it’s good from Butker! Game is tied up and will go into OT. Chiefs 31, Patriots 31.
  • The Patriots open up their next drive on a high note. On 1st & 10 at the New England 35, Brady passes to Edelman for a 20 yard gain. Then, on the next play, Brady finds Hogan for 11 for another first down. With 1:05 left, on 2nd & 10, Brady finds Hogan for 13 yards at the Chiefs’ 21, but the pass completion ruling is reversed. Next, on 3rd & 10, Brady looks for Gronkowski, but it’s intercepted by Charvarius Ward, BUT a flag is thrown on Dee Ford for Defensive Offsides — 5 yards — enforced at the Chiefs’ 34. Brady capitalizes and hits Gronk, holds off Eric Berry, deep at the 4 for 25 yards. Burkhead gets the touchdown to lift the Patriots. New England 31, Kansas City 28.
  • With about 3:30 remaining in the game, Mahomes and the offense take the field. The first play, Mahomes throws incomplete, and, on the second, New England gets called for Defensive Holding — 5 yards — to give the Chiefs an automatic first down. Then, on 2nd & 10 at the 37, Mahomes throws incomplete to Sammy Watkins, but New England is called for Defensive Pass Interference and Roughing the Passer — giving the Chiefs a 23 yard advantage. On 2nd & 10, Mahomes finds Watkins for a massive 38 yard gain to put the Chiefs on the 2 yard line. 1st & goal Damien Williams runs it in for his third touchdown to give the Chiefs back the lead. Chiefs 28, Patriots 24.
  • Patriots get a huge advantage on 2nd & 7 after Chris Jones is called for Roughing the Passer — giving New England a first down and 15 yard gain. On 3rd & 8 at the 45, Brady finds Chris Hogan, who snags the ball out of the air, for 11 yards. Chiefs challenge the completion, but it’s upheld. The Patriots keep the momentum alive and on 1st & 10, Burkhead runs it for 14 then on the next play Brady hits Gronkowski for 11 yards to put New England at the 19 yard line. It’s all eyes on the defense on a big 4th & 1 at the 10, but Sony Michel breaks through and runs it in for a touchdown to lift the Patriots by 3. Patriots 24, Chiefs 21.
  • On the first pass, Mahomes finds Watkins at the New England 16 for 7 yards, but the Patriots challenge the completion. After review, the call is reversed and it’s ruled incomplete. No problem for the Chiefs, though. On the following play, Mahomes passes short left to Damien Williams for a 23 yard touchdown to give the Chiefs their first lead of the night. Chiefs 21, Patriots 17.
  • Chiefs get some good karma on the next drive. On the second play, Brady passes short left to Edelman, but it’s intercepted by Daniel Sorensen at the New England 45. Sorensen runs it to the 23 for a 22 yard gain.
  • Starting at their own 25, Mahomes passes off to Damien Williams who runs it for two. Then on 2nd & 8 and 3rd & 8, Mahomes throws two deep incomplete passes while looking for Williams and then Tyreek Hill — forcing Chiefs to punt. On the punt Edelman muffs it and Gehrig Dieter picks it up and runs it into the end zone for a touchdown. The play is reviewed, though, and the refs come back and say that Edelman DID NOT touch the ball, therefore the call was reversed and there was no score for the Chiefs.
  • Starting at their own 24, the Patriots open up the drive with a huge 19 yard gain after Brady finds Edelman at the 43. On the next play, 1st & 10, Anthony Hitchens comes up big and shuts down Sony Michel on the run. On Michels next attempt, Daniel Sorenson just can’t get him down early and he runs it 10 yards into Kansas City territory. Now 1st & 10 at the Kansas City 46, Michel runs it for 3 and Brady hits Develin for 9 yards on the next play for first down. The drive ends with a Turnover on Downs after Daniel Sorensen comes up big on 4th & 1 to stop Rex Burkhead — a massive play. Chiefs offense takes the field trailing by 3.
  • On 2nd & 10, Mahomes looks for Kelce in the end zone and, on the play, the Patriots’ J.C. Jackson is called for Pass Interference — a 13 yard penalty that puts the Chiefs at the 1. Mahomes hits Damien Williams short right to put Kansas City in the end zone. TOUCHDOWN. Chiefs 14, Patriots 17.

Third quarter

  • On the first play of a crucial drive for the Chiefs, Mahomes, under pressure, frantically looks for a target, but throws it out-of-bounds for an incomplete. On the next play, Mahomes, at the last second, decides to run it himself and scrambles up the middle for a 9 yard gain. Then, for a crucial first down, Mahomes fires off another physics-defying throw to Sammy Watkins for 10 yards at the New England 47 yard line. He follows it up with a dime to Damien Williams for 33 yards to put the Chiefs within striking distance going into the fourth quarter.
  • Colquitt punts to the 50 and it’s returned by New England into Kansas City territory for 13 yards. Starting at the 37, Sony Michel kicks things off with a 2 yard run to the 35. ON the next play, Brady finds Chris Hogan for 11 yards before he’s forced out of bounds by Steven Nelson. Then on 2nd & 9, the Patriots face a 10 yard setback following an Offensive Pass Interference call on Phillip Dorsett. The Patriots end the drive with a 47 yard field goal attempt by Stephen Gostkowski that’s good to extend New England’s lead. Patriots 17, Chiefs 7.
  • Chiefs start on their own 4 yard line after Frank Zombo is called for an Illegal Block Above the Waist. After a 10 yard run by Damien Williams up the middle on the second play, the Chiefs face a 5 yard set back after Cam Erving is called for a False Start. Mahomes looks for Kelce on 1st & 15, but he drops it and Mahomes is sacked on the next play. On 3rd & 18 Mahomes looks for Chris Conley, but it’s another incomplete and the Chiefs end the drive in a punt.
  • The defense comes up big on the Patriots next drive, forcing them off the field after Chris Jones bats a pass intended for Rob Gronkowski on 3rd & 6. The drive ends in a punt.
  • The Chiefs come out and quickly turn things around. Mahomes, on the third play of the drive on 3rd & 2, takes his his time then hits Sammy Watkins for 54 yards to put the Chiefs at the 12. Next play finds the end zone after Mahomes hits Kelce for a 12 yard touchdown to cut the deficit. Patriots 14, Chiefs 7.

HALFTIME: Patriots 14, Chiefs 0

Second quarter

  • Chiefs offense takes the field at their own 42 and, on the first play, Mahomes is sacked by Kyle Van Noy to end the half and set the Chiefs back heading into the third quarter.
  • The Patriots are sticking to their run game, with Sony Michel going for 17 yards over four plays to put them at their own 27 with 1:13 to go in the half. James White enters the game on 3rd and 4 for Michel and he gets on the end of a 5 yard pass from Brady. It’s Brady to White again for a huge gain of 30 yards to put the Patriots into Chiefs territory — Daniel Sorenson gets torched on the play. The Patriots take a TO before lining up with 41 seconds to go, and are able to double their lead on 2nd & 1 with a 29 yard pass from Brady to Phillip Dorsett in the end zone.
  • The momentum doesn’t stop there, though. On the next play Mahomes finds Tyreek Hill — who beats Keion Crossen — and gets on the end of a massive 42 yard pass from Mahomes. Now, at the New England 23 and within striking distance, Mahomes looks for Damien Williams, wide open, running into the end zone, but Williams can’t quite get there. The Chiefs can’t capitalize, though, and on 3rd & 9 at the New England 22, Mahomes is sacked for a loss of 14 yards. Colquitt takes the field again to punt.
  • The tables turn for the Chiefs after a huge third down play by Mahomes with 6:12 to go in the half. Mahomes escapes the tackle to find Sammy Watkins open up the middle for a 12 yard gain. Check it out:
  • Patriots start at their own 26 and on the second play — 2nd & 7 at their own 29 — Eric Berry almost picks off Gronkowski on a target from Brady, but it’s incomplete. James White makes a superhuman catch with Eric Murray all over him on the next play for a 9 yard gain. Patriots pick up another 9 after Brady find Gronkowski at the 47. Then James White — with no one on him on 1st & 10 — drops a short pass up the middle from Brady at the 49. Sony Michel runs it for 9 yards to get to the Chiefs 42, but after Hamilton and Hitchens get to Michel on 3rd & 1 and force a no gain, then a 5 yard Delay of Game penalty called on the Patriots, the drive ends in a punt.
  • Mahomes hits Kelce for 9 yards on 2nd & 10, but the drive ends after Damien Williams can’t get first down on 3rd and 1. Colquitt punts 59 yards to the New England 12.
  • New England’s drive goes into the second quarter, with them still leading 7-0, and 3rd & goal at the 1 yard line, Reggie Ragland picks off a pass from Brady intended for Gronkowski in the end zone.

First quarter

  • Patriots on the attack again and will start in Chiefs territory at the 44. After gaining just 11 yards over three plays, the Patriots break through with a short pass from Brady to Patterson who gets it to the 18 for a 15 yard gain.
  • Tremon Smith returns it 19 yards for the Chiefs before getting tackled by Keion Crossen. On Mahomes’ third down pass is incomplete, but the flag is thrown for a Holding penalty called on the Patriots, giving the Chiefs 5 yards and a necessary first down. On the next play, Mahomes looks for Sammy Watkins on the run, but overthrows it. 2nd & 10 Mahomes looks for Watkins again, but it’s incomplete. The drive ends with Mahomes getting sacked for a loss of 14, forcing the punt.
  • Harrison Butker kicks 70 yards and it’s returned by Patterson for 25 yards to the 20. On the first play Sony Michel runs it 11 yards before Eric Berry comes up big with the first tackle at the New England 31. Patriots run it again and it’s Sony Michel, again, who only gains 1 before getting shut down by Allen Bailey. Next, Tom Brady throws it, finding Gronkowski for 13 yards at the 45 before Daniel Sorensen gets to him. Sony Michel rushes again, this time for no gain thanks to a big play from Reggie Ragland. Tom Brady fires one of quick on the next play to Gronkowski for a 6 yard gain and Charvarius Ward is the first one on him. Now, flirting with Kansas City territory, the Patriots run it 5 yards to the Kansas City 44. The Patriots continue to make their way down the field and come up with two big back-to-back gains — a 14 yard pass to Julian Edelman to put them at the 16 then an 11 yard run from Sony Michel to put them just outside the end zone at the 5 yard line. It’s 1st & Goal at the 5 and Sony Michel runs it to the run and Xavier Williams is injured on the play. 2nd & Goal seals the deal and it’s Michel who breaks through into the end zone for a one yard touchdown. Patriots take the early lead 7-0.
  • Chiefs win the toss and defer. Patriots will start on offense.

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Matchup history: Chiefs lead, 18-14-3 (regular season)

Odds: Chiefs -3.0

Final Injury Report: Chiefs-Patriots

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Sunday, January 20

NFC: 2:05 p.m. CT — Los Angeles at New Orleans (FOX)

AFC: 5:40 p.m. CT — New England at Kansas City (CBS)

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