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Chiefs vs. Colts FINAL: Chiefs defeat Colts 31-13

The Chiefs will make the AFC championship game with a win.

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FINAL: Chiefs 31, Colts 13.

Fourth quarter

  • Pascal returns Butker’s kick for 27 yards to the Colts’ 32 and Indianapolis comes out flying on their last offensive drive. Hines goes first for 9 yards up the middle then 2nd & 1, Luck throws a 10 yard pass to Hilton into KC territory. Luck then finds Ebron back-to-back for a combined 21 yards to put the Colts at the KC 28. Luck then looks to Fountain in the end zone, but he drops it and Charvarius Ward is called for Defensive Pass Interference and the Chiefs lose 14 yards. It doesn’t matter though because the game is OVER. CHIEFS WIN AND ADVANCE.
  • Damien Williams lights it up to help the Chiefs capitalize on their lucky drive. His first rush is for a whopping 24 yards, which is then followed by a 4 yard, -1 yard. Finally, it’s the other Williams, Darrell, who runs it 6 yards up the middle and into the end zone. Chiefs lead 31-13.
  • Chiefs next drive ends in another punt, but Najee Goode gets a 5 yard Roughing the Punter penalty after taking down Colquitt and the Chiefs get the automatic first down.
  • Marlon Mack makes a statement on his first run on the Colts next drive by picking up 20 yards before getting pushed outside at their own 33 by Jordan Lucas. Mack runs it again, this time up the middle for 11 yards to the Indianapolis 44. On 2nd & 10 Hines runs it 14 yards to get the ball into KC territory. On the next play, 1st & 10, Lucas dominates again to shut down Ebron who Luck tries to find deep right. Then, on third down, Chiefs defense comes up big and forces an incomplete intended for T.Y. Hilton. The drive ends in a score, though, with a stunner 29 yard throw from Luck to Hilton for the touchdown. Chiefs 24, Colts 13.
  • The Colts force a three-and-out after Mahomes gets sacked at the KC 37 for a loss of 5 yards. Colquitt punts and the Colts offense is back on the fie
  • On the first play, Marlon Mack runs it for 3 yards to the 20 and Luck picks up 8 of his own yards scrambling on the next play. Then, Charvarius Ward forces an incomplete on a pass from Luck intended for Hilton. The Colts offense takes a hit with a False Start penalty to send them back 5 yards. On the next play, Luck winds up to throw, but it’s tipped by the Chiefs. On third down Luck throws an incomplete and it’s nearly picked off by Steven Nelson but he can’t quite get his hands on it. The drive ends in a punt that Tyreek Hill returns.
  • On the Chiefs’ first play, Damien Williams — with some help from some O-line pushing, runs it for 14 yards into the Colts territory. However, the Chiefs take a 10 yard loss on the next play after Cam Erving gets called for an Illegal Use of Hands. Mahomes gets it to Williams who gets a combined 13 yards on the next two plays. The drive ends in a punt, though, after Mahomes gets sacked for a loss of 8. Colts will start at their own 17.

Third quarter

  • On the first play of the drive, Watkins fumbles and it’s recovered by the Colts at the KC 20 for an automatic first down. Colts looking to score with one minute to play. Luck throws incomplete on the first, on a look to Hilton, and, on his second look, gets sacked by Dee Ford, fumbles and Houston recovers the ball. Chiefs offense is back on the field to end the third quarter. That was fast.
  • Luck opens the next drive up strong with a 20 yard pass to Inman to put the Colts in the Chiefs territory early. It’s Mack up the middle for three on the next play and, on the third play, the Colts take a 10 yard loss following an Offensive Holding penalty called on Braden Smith. Luck recovers the yards with an 11 yard pass to TY Hilton, but on the next play, Justin Houston comes up big with the QB SACK, forcing the Colts to punt.
  • Mahomes finds Tyreek Hill for 11 yards on the first play at the Chiefs’ 32. On 1st & 10, Damien Williams runs it, but loses 5 yards on the efforts. Next up it’s Mahomes to Watkins for 10 yards at the Kansas City 37. Cam Erving picks up a five yard penalty on third down for a False start. On 3rd & 10 Mahomes hits Tyreek Hill for 2 yards, but instead of going for it on fourth again, the Chiefs end with a punt.
  • Starting at their own 23 now, the Colts get out after four plays instead of leaving on another three-and-out. The punt return doesn’t go as planned not he receiving end, though. Hill fumbles, but Smith is there to save the day. Chiefs offense will start at their 21.
  • At the end of the drive, the Colts pick up a 15 yard penalty for this:
  • Tremon Smith returns the ball for 16 yards to the KC 14. On the first play, Mahomes finds Watkins for 9 yards before he gets pushed outside by Kenny Moore II. Damien Williams picks up 17 yards running on three out of the next four plays. Next up is Gehrig Dieter making his entrance a big one with an 11 yard catch. ON 2nd & 17, Mahomes hits Kelce with an unbelievable throw for 15 yards. Damien Williams runs it on the next play, but comes up short with 1 yard. On 4th & 1 the Chiefs go for it AGAIN on fourth down, but can’t get first down and it’s a Turnover on Downs.

HALFTIME: Chiefs 24, Colts 7

Second quarter

  • However, the field goal miss may not be as big as this potential one:
  • The Colts FINALLY get their first first down with a 21 yard pass from Luck to Ebron. With momentum now, Luck, Ebron, Rogers and Inman combine for 37 yards to put Colts in range for their first true touchdown of the game. Luck looks for Cox deep in the end zone, but Steven Nelson gets up to keep it out of his hands. Colts go for the field goal and Vinatieri misses from 23 yards. Chiefs keep the lead 24-7.
  • The Chiefs keep it rolling and it’s Mahomes-to-Hill at the 26 for another double-digit gain of 14 yards. Mahomes, looking for a way to get in the end zone, gets it to Sammy Watkins for four yards, but no touchdown. Mahomes looks for Watkins again, but he’s pushed outside when trying to run it around the outside. 2nd & goal, Mahomes runs it in himself for the touchdown. Chiefs lead 24-7. A look on the beautiful play:
  • The Chiefs offense comes out strong looking to right the blocked punt wrongs and do so with a massive 30 yard pass from Mahomes to Kelce to put them into Colts territory early. Watkins comes up big on the next play with a one handed catch for a 5 yard gain to put the Chiefs at the Indianapolis 40. The plays were both so good, we have to show them. Check it out:
  • Back-to-back penalties result in a loss of 15 combined yards for the Chiefs, making it hard for them to gain momentum and get up field. Mahomes, on 3rd & 20, launches it to Kelce, but over throws and the ball is tipped out by the Colts. The Chiefs end in a punt from Colquitt, but the Colts block it and score a touchdown to cut the deficit. Chiefs 17, Colts 7.
  • The Chiefs get yet another three-and-out. One of the biggest plays came from Derrick Nnadi who committed to the tackle on Marlon Mack after hitting him, falling then getting back up to close out the play, limiting Mack to just a 6 yard gain on the Colts first play. Here’s a look:
  • Mahomes hits Kelce again at the 19 for a 10 yard gain. Following a -7 yard sack on Mahomes, and a left handed pass from Mahomes to avoid getting sacked again, the Chiefs go for a field goal and Butker sends it home from 39 yards out to extend the lead 17-0 over the Colts.
  • NOTE: Mahomes was limping a bit after the sack. Will be important to keep an eye on.

First quarter

  • Mahomes looks for Kelce, but the ball is tipped by Stewart. On the next play, though, Mahomes finds Kelce who picks up 14 yards on the play. The Colts have struggled against tight ends all season and it’s showing in Mahomes/Kelce’s chemistry today. Mahomes gets it to Kelce again for 16 yards to put the Chiefs in Colts territory at the 44. Chiefs go for their second 4th & 1 conversion and get it thanks to a four yard run from Damien Williams gets the first down at the Colts 31.
  • Chiefs force yet another three-and-out after another strong defensive performance by the KC defense.
  • The Chiefs start at their own 30 and Tyreek, who gets hit on the punt, checks in with a trainer on the sideline, but returns to the field. Mahomes finds Damien Williams first for four yards then, on three of the next four plays, Conley, Hill and Watkins all have drops. Mahomes throws an incomplete on third down, but Colts are called Offsides and lose 5, which is enforced at the Kansas City 44. Then on 4th & 1, Damien Williams runs it up the middle for a crucial 11 yard gain into Colts territory. The drive ends with another score as Mahomes finds Tyreek Hill who runs it in for a 36 yard touchdown. Chiefs lead 14-0.
  • Luck looks to pass to Ryan Hewitt on his second play, but the ball is tipped by Justin Houston. Then, on third down, Luck looks for Pascal, but the pass is broken up by Charvarius Ward. Colts end in a punt trailing 7-0.
  • On the return, Tyreek Hill slips, but gets back up and runs it, however, the flag goes up and a penalty for Offensive Holding is called on Tremon Smith. Chiefs start at their own 20. Hill, Williams, Kelce and Watkins combined on the drive which was 75 yards over just shy of 3 minutes and ended with a 10 yard touchdown from Damien Williams. The biggest play came from Watkins after Mahomes found him for a 45 yard gain to get the Chiefs within striking distance. Chiefs take an early 7-0 lead over the Colts.
  • On the Colts opening drive, they don’t make it far before the Chiefs take over. The biggest play came when Marlon Mack ran it for 10 yards to their own 27. On the next play, Luck looks for Eric Ebron, but it’s incomplete. Colts end in a punt.
  • The Chiefs win the coin toss and defer. Game time.

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