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45 Seconds: A closer look at a play from Patrick Mahomes

45 seconds is back for the 2018 season, but this year, there will be video.

Good news. 45 Seconds is returning for the 2018 season.

Why 45? Because there are approximately 45 seconds between the start of the play clock and the play being blown dead.

And there is a new wrinkle this season.

Thanks to our talented video producer, Dane Van Why, we’re launching a weekly video series breaking down one play from every game of the 2018 season. It will be our goal to highlight the creativity of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

Obviously, the first game hasn’t happened yet, so heading into Week 1, we found a great play from the preseason worth talking about.

We hope you enjoy the first episode of our new video series: 45 Seconds.

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